Six Pack Sunday: Snakes and Shades

Happy Sunday, y’all!  This time next week, I’ll be at the shore, likely enjoying my own version of Sea Isle’s Infamous No-Shower Happy Hour, Ocean City style.  In the meantime, though, I’ve got a long week ahead of me with some dental appointments, a haircut, and getting back to the gym.  I miss the heck out of working out, but not enough to go and risk a really nasty possibility of “dislodging the blood clot in your wisdom tooth abcesses.” Ew. No thanks.  To get that disgusting thought out of our minds, let’s proceed with this week’s Six Pack Sunday!

Six Pack Sunday: hoo-RAH!

  1. Today, at the pool, there were only three people there. There was an uninvited guest after I’d been there for about an hour, though.

    Snakes at a Pool! RUDE!

    This little jester just took it upon himself to hop off the clock that hangs on the pool shack that holds 2 bathrooms “clubhouse”.  What a creep!  He wasn’t moving too fast, though, and was small enough that I didn’t fear he would eat me whole.

    J. Lo will always be there to save me from snakes!

  2. Do y’all like weird things on your sammies sometimes?  I know folks that will put Cap’n Crunch on sammies for extra crunch, and definitely know many that like potato chips on lunch meat sammies…  My personal poison?

    Doritos and Tuna! Perhaps you prefer spaghetti and meatball?

    Whenever I have a tunafish sammy, if there’s a Dorito anywhere near me, chances are, it will end up on my sandwich.  In the past, if I didn’t have bread, I’d just whip up some tuna salad and eat it exclusively with Doritos. It is my favorite lunch combo of all time.

  3. Any of you ever hear of Tumblr?  It was my first method of tracking my eating/exercise when I started my weight loss journey back in March 2010 (you can see old posts here!) and I still update it now and then.  A while back, I signed up for this thing called Tumblr Buddies, sort of like secret pen pals.  You send someone fun letters and treats, but never say who you are. Some other anonymous tumblr sends you things, and you never know who they are! It’s like magic, and it always brightens my day to hear from my tumblr buddy (or see that my secret buddy got her surprise!) Well, the day before my surgery, I got this delight delivered to my office:

    FLOWERS! for moi?!

    It was maybe the sweetest thing ever, receiving flowers from someone I’ve never even spoken to in my life (I don’t even know who they are!) It just goes to show that this little blogosphere is an amazingly supportive world, and I can’t say enough about how much it meant to me knowing that someone out there (in California, according to the return addresses!) was thinking about me for no reason other than the kindness in their heart.  warm fuzziessssssssssss!!

  4. How do you feel about The Cheesecake Factory?  Even though the menu is the length of a novella, and their food is notoriously on the “not that” list from “Eat This, Not That!” I will admit they make a mean slice of cheesecake.  Deliciousness aside, I can’t even fathom doing what the staff of Serious Eats did.  They tried… ALL 33 TYPES!  For their write-up, check out this link: Every Cheesecake at the Factory!!  I can’t help but salivate and also sort of want to throw up.

    25/33 steps closer to obesity!

    Blech. No thank you, I’ll take the low-fat cheesecake flavored froyo any day of the week.

  5. A while back, I purchased a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers from RueLaLa as a reward for reaching my ultimate goal weight. (if you haven’t heard of RueLaLa, click on this link, and go BANANAS!)

    Sexy, can I?

    And the other day, I took a long hard look at my body, my lifestyle, and where I’m at mentally.  And then I thought to myself, Why deprive myself of these awesome shades during the summer when I’m so happy with where I am?  If anything, they make me look even more badass as if that were possible, and I think I’ve earned them despite not getting down to 165.  That might not even be a likely weight for me to get to without a super serious focus, and right now during the summer, I’d rather spend time enjoying myself and my time with my beau while he’s still in town, and not restrict myself just to earn a pair of shades.  The result of this long thought discussion with myself?

    Yeah, buddy! Get me to the beach!

    In closing: rewards and goals are great, but so are gifts to yourself just for feeling great and being happy!  I’ll be rocking these hard, all summer!

  6. According to Women’s Health, different body types should be working out in different ways! (I guess that may make sense to most, but it was kind of interesting to me.)

    A-Pear-ently, I gotta work out differently than those skinny broads...

    According to the article:

    A pear often becomes obsessed with whittling down her lower body by doing dozens of lunges and leg lifts. Of course you want your butt, hips, and thighs to be tight and toned. But, pears: you also want your body to be balanced, so don’t neglect what’s above the belt.

    They also threw in an eating plan for each of the different body types.  Check yours out!

    Pear Workout Plan and Eating Plan

    Straight Workout Plan and Eating Plan

    Curvy Workout Plan and Eating Plan

    Athletic Workout Plan and Eating Plan

So what shape are you?  Pear? Apple? Papaya? Corn? Pineapple (lord, I hope not!)

Do you workout for your shape, or try to work out in order to get rid of your shape?

I’m definitely a pear gal, and keep most of my weight and size in my hips/booty/thigh region.  Back when I had a few more pounds of flesh on my bones, I thought I’d be a sexy cleavage lady… but that only lasted as long as the weight did.  I went down a full bra and cup size when I lost the weight, but totally worth it for the improvement in my health.  Alas, I’ll always be part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.  At least I’m pretty sure I’ll still be bootylicious, no matter how fit I get…

Bootylicious enough for ya, baby?

5 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Snakes and Shades

  1. I’m pretty sure if I got rid of the boobs (which I don’t think will ever happen), I’d be considered boy-shaped. With them, I’m not sure? All I know is I am glad I do not have to wear button-ed down shirts to work, or I’d be spending a crapload on tailoring.

    Potato chips were a favorite atop peanut butter sandwiches. I guess that’s not really crazy though.

    Sweet shades. 8-)

  2. Your doritos + tuna remind me of my burgers + potato salad. Next time you are at a BBQ, try a burger (any kind!) with potato salad under the bun… yummmmmy

    Love your Ray Bans! I need a pair of sunglasses likerightnow I lost mine at the beer festival early June :(

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