Six Pack Sunday: Pescatarian Pleasures and Clementine Cuties

Here we are again, Oscar Sunday’s rolling on the TV and I am wearing sweatpants by Schoolhouse and a crew neck sweatshirt that’s about 4 sizes too large for me.  I was going to wear my white cape, but Gwyneth was borrowing it this weekend.  Oh well.

You know what time it is…  Sixpack Sunday!

1. Bacon Snack Packs!

You know what I did today? I spent 4+ hours in Barnes & Noble reading The Girl Who Played With Fire and playing on my Nook.  Ah, to be young and lazy.  As the first available seat was near the children’s section, I nabbed it as fast as I could. There’s a lot going on in that kids section, but this was definitely the craziest spotting:

What in the world is in that BAG?!

If you look closely, you might be able to tell…. that is a snack bag filled with bacon.

Is this what the new moms are carrying around now instead of Cheerios and fruit roll ups?


2. Baked Coconut Shrimp

Joy in a dish

Jess from How Sweet Eats always has the best recipes.  Her recipe for Coconut Baked Shrimp was no exception.  We didn’t have time for the salsa, but we whipped up a side of garlicky kale, it was meant to be.  Make it.  Eat it. Be happy. That’s all.

3. Mustachio Bash(io)

Cute, yes?

This Tuesday, I learned that drinking beer would be a LOT tougher with a mustache. I don’t know how all those beardy brewers do it.

Though I think Sierra got the hang of it…


4. Cuties: MADE for Kids?

I’ve been seeing these commercials all over the place. And the end phrase is what gets to me. “Kids LOVE Cuties, ‘cuz Cuties are made for kids.”  Wait. I thought they were a fruit.  They’re MADE for kids? Does anyone else imagine these mad scientists genetically engineering fruits to convince more kids to eat them?

I mean… I guess whatever it takes, but still. [EDIT: I looked up some info on these Cuties, and it seems legit and not some lab-made fruit… but I’ll still be cautiously suspicious for a little while.]

5. A Tender Farewell

Goodbye, my lover... goodbye, my friend.

Yes, the coconut shrimp are great. But on Tuesday (the fattest Tuesday), I celebrated my last meat-eating day pre-Lent with a roast beef sammy at lunch and an unbelievably tasty dish at Tyler’s Taproom.

As described by Tyler’s:

Drunken Pork Belly: Fresh pork belly braised in beer, crisped to perfection then topped with house-made bourbon BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and pickles

Wow! This was outstanding! The pork belly was so tender (hence the tender farewell. HA GET IT?!) and I even enjoyed the pickles and slaw.  I basically licked the plate clean.

As for the pescatarian update, I’ve found that, for the most part, it’s not too tough. But when there are free samples around, or after a few drinks, the temptation goes up. I don’t THINK I’ve slipped yet, though there was one freebie that I wasn’t sure of after I’d tried it. I didn’t go back and check, but it’s a work in progress. I just have to keep reminding myself, and to stay faithful.

6. Boozy Snow Cones?!


Martha Stewart, you brilliant bitch, you strike again. Alcoholic Snow-Cone Syrups? YES! Anyone wanna have a snowcone party this summer? Or spring?

Or Thursday?

Better go do my first costume change of the night (translation: was my face.)