Six Pack Sunday: Gun Rights and Cheese Delights

We’ve made it to Sunday, and the Super Bowl looms over us like a guacamole, beer, and chicken wing-filled cloud.  I’m hoping that soon, I’ll make it RAIN (but not actual beer rain… I think that would get gross and sticky really fast.)

Let’s stick with tradition, and make it rain some random bits and pieces with SIX PACK SUNDAY!

1. Right to Bear STYLE!

Looking for the perfect top to wear to that springtime wedding?

Look no further.

Fierce, right?

No, I didn’t buy it.

Yes, I had to fight every urge inside of me not to.  This top is HILARIOUS, but there were definitely a few ladies in the store looking at it genuinely.  Ah, living in the South…

2. BYOB(s)

So I went to a mixology class this weekend. It was fantastic, more on that later.  HOWEVER, I believe I committed the ultimate faux-pas for a a cocktail mixology class.

Classiest of all attendees

That’s right, I brought my own 3-pack of craftbeer from Tasty Beverage Co. across the street.  I may or may not have been more excited for the beer than the mixology class.  Luckily, over the course of the hour of the class, my mind changed.

I’m still excited for the beer.

3. Just Add It to the List

I don’t know about any of the rest of you that write blogs, but I know I can’t be alone.  I have a “List”. A list of things I’d love to write long, detailed (and probably hilarious) posts about…. but I’m just not ready to share quite how often I think about gross, weird, or vulgar.  Here’s a hint, though.


If I could talk about the joy I get from seeing the nasty stuff that these pore-cleansing strips pull out of my skin for hours, I would.

But I just don’t know if you all need the gory details of what lies deep inside my pores.  Or my mind.

Trust me, it’s not pretty.

4. Kids These Days


Spotted inside of a middle school: The Hydroponics Lab for kids!

Is this not sitting right with anyone else?

I’m just wondering how many kids are watching Weeds these days.  Apparently, too many.

5. Cheese, Please.

Three words: Grilled Cheese Party.

Sweet gods of cheese

I’ve never seen a more beautiful cheese drawer.


6. SALE! (Sale?)



Stopped by The Fresh Market for a few knick knacks the other day.

You know what’s NOT a sale?  Negative ten cents.

You’re doing it wrong, Fresh Market.

Do you have a “list” of topics that you aren’t quite ready to share with the world?  

How about a sweet gun-shirt?