Swing, Swing Together

When you love a person, it is the simplest thing to blind yourself to everyone else around you. What happens, then, when you fall in love with an entire group, a tightly knit band of men and women, without whom you can’t imagine your life? And what happens when, during a few blissful, choice weekends, you get to bask in their glory as a whole?

God save the Delta Psi.

God save the Delta Psi.

Well, if you’re me, there is lots of crying involved. Tears of joy, of course, because your heart feels certain it will erupt and spill emotions all over the floors so caked in glitter from the years that the shine has become permanent. And you don’t feel blind to anything else around you, but hyper aware that these are kindred spirits flitting and floating through rooms and fields of vision and you want to make sure you don’t miss a second.

My trip to North Carolina was complete with gorgeous weather, gorgeous people, and ducks.



There were old friends and new. Many of these people I haven’t seen since June, making it the longest amount of time I’ve been away. Since I graduated and moved just down the road (8 miles? chump change), I’ve always been lucky enough to just drive a few minutes to see my beloved fraternity. This was the first time I felt like one of those far-flung alums who comes home to revisit her glory days. I kind of had this fear that I’d feel left out. Like I’d be out of place since my past few occasions spent in NC weren’t focused on meeting the new people, and now they’re all new people.

As if.

It was just that: coming home. And who feels left out when they’re home? Certainly not this chick.

I flew back to Philadelphia Monday morning with a lightness in my heart (and a heaviness in my bag, as I smuggled about 4500 mL of beer back North). A lightness that reminds me that you can always go home, wherever home is. And, chances are, your family will be waiting with a song on the stereo and beers in the cooler. It’ll be just like you never left.

Yup, this must be the place.

Yup, this must be the place.

Thanks, North Carolina, for welcoming me back. I’ll see you soon, though not soon enough.

#GMANoDoubt: No Doubt in Central Park

Since it’s been a week and, as obvious from the last post, I’m doing diddly squat (until Zumba at noon), I think it’s only right that I discuss one of the highlights of my summer year. And, if it weren’t for those major moments like graduating from college and getting my first job and falling in love, it might be one of the highlights of my life.

I was lucky enough to see the one and only No Doubt perform LIVE in Central Park! Sure, it was only four songs, and I had to wake up at the booty crack of dawn to get there…. but it was SO worth it.

Good morning, New York

Although I had other fun adventures on this trip to NYC, the BIG pull to visit my brother on this particular weekend was the reunion of No Doubt.  And if you’ve been reading for some time, you may know that I’m a BIG fan of Gwen Stefani. And maybe definitely dressed up like her for Halloween this year.

Well, who am I to say no to another opportunity to use that shirt?!

I didn’t go QUITE as all out as I did for Halloween (I had a workout class immediately following the show, and didn’t wanna show up in plaid pants, bindi, red lipstick and all) but actually felt a little under dressed when I got there, as many folks had dyed their hair, dressed to the nines, and gone into mohawk mode. We were all just so excited to see Gwen and her boys rocking on Good Morning America!

Good Morning, America.

We had a long wait ahead of us, and the on-stage comic who was there to like… keep us motivated(?) was not what I’d call hilarious. But it was something, I guess.  We tolerated it for the real stars. And when they walked out onto the stage, the crowd went NUTS!



They were on fire, performing Settle Down (their newest song) as well as fan favorites, Underneath It All, It’s My Life, and (my personal fav) Spiderwebs.

One of the funniest parts of the show was when, during a verse of Underneath It All, Gwen forgot all the lyrics. She just rolled with it, shouting “It’s all good, you know the words!” We did, so we sang along.

It was only after this that she screamed out “Just so everyone knows, this is a sound check. Get ready, because the real show is gonna blow you away!” I was pleasantly surprised that the sound check was all four songs they were going to play live on the show (probably so they can shake out glitches like the lyric-amnesia).

We got your back, Gwen.

After the sound check, we had a bit more to wait and THEN we got to see some other famous people! Well, famous to me, and anyone else who watches morning talk shows from 7-9 a.m.


Lara Spencer and Sam Champion doing what they do best: being blonde and beautiful.

George Stefanananapoaolololous (unsure on the spelling)

I think, at this point, I screamed out “ROBIN ROBERTS IS LOOKING HELLA GOOD!” because… I’m obsessed with Robin Roberts.

Gwen was right, the real show was even better, more intense, more exciting, louder than the sound check.

Too cool.

As always, Gwen’s style was on point:

Do these boots come in a size 13?

She had the crowd rocking, the boys backed her up like a family would, and it was perfect.

Straight on fire.

We ate it up.


After standing for about 3 hours with a painfully heavy backpack and dancing in the brutal heat, I was sore, I was sweaty, and I was ELATED! Seriously, this was a mind blowing experience I wouldn’t trade for the world (though, at the time, I thought I’d trade it for a massage).

Nothing a little food, a solid steam at Equinox, and some night time shenanigans with my cousin, brother, and besty couldn’t fix.

Just what the doctor ordered

Any groups that you loved as a young’n that you still geek out over?