Like a Virgin: There’s a First Time for Everything

February 29th, to me, doesn’t really seem all that exciting. Yes, it’s an “extra” day, but I don’t get off work. There were a few sales but, realistically, there wasn’t too much going on in the world outside of the usual.  So I decided to make it a special one.

I did something I’ve never done before (well, maybe never. I think once I tried in high school, but it wasn’t for me.)

Whoah, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about a treadmill run!

My new frenemy?

My silly towel is blocking out the one most crucial number on this treadmill: I ran that mile (just barely) under 10 minutes!  I think the last time I ran a mile was sometime in 2005 (MAYBE 2006, but even that could be a stretch.)  I was out of practice, I wasn’t sure what to do with my arms, and I made sure that I didn’t stop the whole time!

You can see in my GarminConnect summary that my HR peaked during my run (the first 10 minutes of my workout):

Yeah, buddy!

The rest of the workout was a smattering of cardio, exercises featuring use of my body weight (lunges, jump squats, jackknife situps, etc), and a final bout on the treadmill (just to try out the other machine) followed by the last 5 minutes on the stairmaster!  It was kind of nice to mix up the workout, the BodyPump class just looked too packed to deal with and, honestly, after that venture on the treadmill, I just wanted to keep moving, not lifting.

HUGE thanks to my running cheerleader, Sierra, who may have run to NC from South Africa… Either way, she ran into the gym to cheer me on JUST when I was hitting a little wall around 7 minutes.  As I gestured shooting myself in the head when she walked in, she grinned her happy lunchbox grin and I refused to stop, knowing I had a bit of an audience (albeit an audience of one).

Though we normally live across the globe from each other, Sierra’s actually one of my oldest friends from UNC, and my new running guru (one of a few who’s offered to guide me in ‘the ways of the runners’) as she has already steered me in the right direction of the “good treadmill” at the gym.

My first year at UNC was obvious the classiest of all.

I still have a few questions for all you runners out there…

What kind of bottoms do you wear? I think that shorts were not the wisest idea…

What do you do with your arms?

I considered this pose:

MK is NOT my fitspiration! (click if you think mocking Mary Kate Olsen is quality online humor)

But my elbows got too sweaty.

My last question:

HOW do you folks do this every day?!

I’m tempted to take an ice bath…. Luckily, I never turn the heat on in my apartment, so…. problem solved.