Six Pack Sunday: I Live My Life from Bathrobe to Bathrobe

Wow, long time, no Six Pack Sunday. Let’s get right into it.

1. More like No-Tein

Grosser than Gross

Once, long ago, I got a coupon for some free Sambazon product.  It wasn’t until much later that I remembered said coupon.

This protein “Superfood Smoothie” was narsty. It was chalky, very low in flavor, and made me just wish I made my own smoothie.

No bueno

The stats weren’t even that impressive, and and after finishing almost half, I tossed the rest. I hate to waste, but I hate to drink gross things more.

2. It’s Britney, Bitch.

Stolen shirts always fit best.

Years ago, I borrowed this little gem from Shaina, one of my best friends from high school.  And now, when I’m feeling particularly badass, I’ll wear it to the gym.  And then, I just assume that I look as good as Brit, back in her glory days.

Bonus, if I ever slip and fall, I’ve got the best catchphrase around.

“Oops, I did it again!”

3. Heroes with the Half Pint

The Very Best options

Know what’s an excellent option at bars?

Half pints.

Spanky’s in Chapel Hill had a cellar clearing event with so many different NC beers, I would’ve been wasted had I not stuck to half-pints. It’s a great way to try several beer options without getting more buzzed than you’d like to.

Hear that, restaurants?! OFFER MORE HALF PINTS!

4. All Bathrobes, All the Time

Basically me. Mostly.

Basically me. Mostly.

If you ever wonder what I do the moment I get home from the gym (I know that’s all you’re thinking about), here’s the answer: change into a bathrobe.

And if you’re wondering how I sleep, it’s in a Slanket.

(The ORIGINAL blanket with sleeves, this fleece dream-come-true was an ACTUAL dream come true for me. I woke up in the middle of the night, arms freezing, and texted Ryan a very simple message. “Sleeves on a blanket. Keeps your arms warm. blanket sleeves.”  After a careful search online, I realized this was a reality, and immediately ordered one.)

Anyway, as many folks already know, these sleeved blankets are really just bathrobes backwards. And, I realized the other day that, after I take off the bathrobe I wear around my cold apartment to get into bed, I’m really just putting on another bathrobe.

This is my life.

5. Romance Corner

In two weeks, I’ll be celebrating four years with my boyfriend, Ryan. And guess what we’re doing to celebrate?!

Sparkling Wine and Tasty Treats!

Although I don’t know if I could afford to STAY at the King’s Daughter Inn in Durham, for $30, we can pretend for a few hours that we’re as fancy shmancy as the other patrons while sipping 5 different sparkling wines and food pairings!

I love bubbly.

I love Ryan.

Can’t beat it.

6. Say No to Say Yes to the Dress Marathons

Because I certainly can’t.

So many tears, so many emotions.

I can’t pull myself away.