God Save the Delta Psi

Sometimes, as I am squashed against a cold window or, heaven forbid, forced to endure the aisle seat on a long Megabus trip, I reflect back on Sierra’s Emirates journey and can’t help but chuckle (Chuckling is the one where you weep quietly, right?) But this Monday night/Tuesday morning’s journey, as I curled up against a pile of outerwear acting as a pillow, sweating in the mysteriously warm cocoon of steel and patterned interior (more like Muggy-bus, am I right?), I was instead only able to smile widely, reflecting on the past weekend in Boston surrounded by those magical friends that have become my family.

I arrived early Friday morning (like obscenely early) and loitered around Boston’s illustrious South Station, not ready to show up to my Airbnb listing QUITE at the crack of dawn. However, after reading about 78 Shades of Grey, I was ready to brave the cold (and public transportation) to head into Somerville. Being the wheeler and dealer that I am, I booked a place about a mile from the main hotel where most of my brethren were staying for a fraction of the cost (that fraction being 1/3). And Airbnb KILLED IT!

Note my adorable new luggage AND pile of clothes!

Note my adorable new luggage AND pile of clothes!

The bed was warm, and since the person staying before me checked out early, I was able to nap for a few hours before shenanigans began.

I hit up Harpoon Brewery for a little visit/tasting, but I think I’ll do a separate post on that. Friday night was a whirlwind of too many cocktails and not enough photos, but I was so busy reuniting with old friends, the camera was the last thing on my mind. Luckily, especially considering how little I ate on Friday, Saturday started off with a delicious catered lunch.

Quite the spread

Quite the spread

Alas, the “barley salad” was actually a cleverly disguised olive salad (blech, olives are actually the very worst), but the sandwiches were delicious and I gobbled them up like the starving grad student that I am. And, after hours of meetings and paperwork and oodles of fraternizing (HA, get it?! Because we’re in a frat) it was time for the main event (or at least a main event).  Cocktails!!

We dolled up. And, because I firmly believe that my frat only pledges ridiculously good looking people, it was great to ogle the eye candy (as incest-y as that sounds).

Lesson of the night: don't wear a white dress if there's sangria around

Lesson of the night: don’t wear a white dress if there’s sangria around

MIT kids: brains AND beauty? Doesn't seem fair...

MIT kids: brains AND beauty? Doesn’t seem fair…

After plenty of schmoozing, the real fun began. If you’re any type of a frat star, you know that the night hasn’t officially begun until fraternity songs are playing on the piano and being screamed by your family.

If you’re not, trust me on this one.

The very best people

The very best.

There’s something about hearing the tunes that I sang all throughout my collegiate career being “sang” (being a bit generous with the term, here) by men and women from across the country (or, in the cases of many Taus, from around the world). Our drunken harmonizing might not get us a trip to Hollywood a la American Idol, but it’s the sweetest sound in the world to my ears. We, as a group, love to sing (and sometimes make the rafters ring), and it’s never more obvious than when hundreds of us are in the same house.

The next day was a little easier to wake up from (more foods + less drinks = better sleep all around) and, after a casual stroll through Cambridge (by casual, I mean nearly frostbitten), I arrived for the most visually appealing lunch setting I could imagine.

Hello, Bean Town.

Hello, Bean Town.

Much less olives in this lunch made for a more satisfying meal (and the fact that I grabbed about three pieces of foccacia and a wedge of butter, I think that helped, too.)

Cue more meetings, a quick jaunt back over to Somerville, some dolling up, and we’re back!

That's ME!

That’s ME!

We enjoyed salmon, a wild rice blend, and a DELICIOUS broccoli rabe, which ended up more in peoples’ teeth than in their stomachs.

Then, inevitably, more schmoozing.

I clean up fairly nicely, eh?

I clean up fairly nicely, eh?

Disregard the flower in the hair, a last minute addition from the centerpiece (everyone was doing it). My particular choice of sandals was PERFECT for the dancing around as they possessed little to no traction whatsoever.

Translation? I was like an ice skater whirling around the dance floor.

I’ll admit, there was an interesting vibe at dinner I couldn’t quite put my finger on…. it was like everyone was not sure what was going to come next and, eventually, they learned the answer: nothing. Nothing was coming next, at least not in that banquet hall.

Luckily, the after-party was in full swing back at the fraternity house.

Just like Cheers.

Just like Cheers.

I’ll admit, the time back at the house felt a LOT like my sophomore year of college. They ran out of most of the booze, resulting in a number off odd mixers and liquors left. Everyone was whirling around the house like lunatics, with that desperation that could only come from the final night of a wonderful weekend.

Who haven’t we talked to?

Who haven’t we hugged?

When can I next get up to visit?


You know, the usual. And, as 4:30 am rolled around, most people were still there. They were still hugging, and talking, and praying the morning would never come.

Unfortunately, since fraternity thoughts along don’t stop the earth’s rotation, the morning did come. And so did the goodbyes, and the final hugs, and the promises to visit, as they do every year. Luckily, since I’ve migrated to the Northeast, the ability to visit a few other chapters is actually semi-realistic. Although, let’s be honest, my heart is still down in Chapel Hill. And, since we’re still being honest, that’s the first place on my itinerary of places to visit. It’s not just because they’re far enough south that the promise of warmer temperatures.

Delta Psi means forever.

Delta Psi means forever.

It probably has more to do with the fact that, when I’m there, my heart glows enough to light the dance floor when we’re up until 4:30am shaking it.

God save the Delta Psi, my sisters and brothers from other mothers.

Where Nobody Knows You, and Nobody Gives a Damn

If you’ve been reading for a little while, you know that the past few months have been full of big changes.  If you haven’t, Cliff notes version involves moving to Philadelphia (after 7 years in North Carolina), starting graduate school at Penn, a dissolution of a 4.5 year relationship, a new job, applications to numerous OTHER new jobs, and basically my life was one of those salad dressings that was all shaken up and is finally starting to settle into the layers and make a little more sense.

As things are approaching a sense of normalcy (though how long does that ever really last?), I’m finding my stride in academia. I’m feeling pretty good at my job (and also picked up another part time job that I’m sure will make some appearances on the blog in the future….)

Easiest hint ever.

I’m getting into the swing of things at the gym (despite some ABYSMAL Zumba instructors which are really harshing my mellow.)  Translation? I’m staying busy. It’s impossible not to. That being said, I find myself missing one thing (err… one “concept”, multiple “things” I guess) more than anything else.

Couch pile with the sibs (Spring 2008 maybe?)

Riesling Fall Break 2009

We have the very best hair (Summer 2011)

Fakesgiving 2008

NCGPO Founding Six Pack

Summer 2010 (ish)

Late 2010, I’ll assume. Getting lazy with these dates…

Third Eye Blind, last summer was it?

Seeing a trend?

I miss the friends that became family. I miss the folks I can call, not to go out to some sort of discotheque or impress with my knowledge of the finest happy hours in the city (confession: I don’t even know them, so don’t ask), but to just sit and watch like… tens of episodes of Law and Order: SVU and relax. The ones whose company fills me with total comfort and joy, even when we’re not saying a word. The ones who know you better than you know you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m starting to make friends here in Philly, and Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that jazz. But MAN, I can’t tell you what I’d give for a weekend in Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh, surrounded by my Delta Psi brothers and sisters, playing Kinect with my volleyball buddies, and geeking out over hops with my NC Beer buddies.  It’s true: you never TRULY realize what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Luckily, it’s not gone.  It’s just a few hundred miles South of here.  And, even luckier, this time next week I’ll be headed back home for the one thing that’s even better than friends that became family….

The Clan

Yup. Family that became friends.

No real point to this post other than to share with everyone how much I miss and love them, and how lucky I am to have two places in this world to call home.








GC 2012: We Make This Look Good

I’m insanely exhausted, my throat’s sore, and I may be getting sick…  But it was all worth it to have so many brothers and sisters, friends old and new, invading my home!

My OTHER significant other

I was dapper by association

I may have been over served a number of times with these fancy cocktails... Oops.

A New, Tall Spanish Sister!

Heavenly dinner

Time to veg out, watch so much TV my brain turns to mush, and sleep VERY early!!