How is it not Hump Day?

Howdy blogosphere!

My heart actually broke a teensy bit when I looked at my calendar today and realized, to my chagrin, it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. Having just spent the past 8 weeks without doing an actual full workweek (vacations, sick time, trips, coming in late, etc) this week already feels painfully long.  Unfortunately, within the first 6 minutes of my Body Combat class yesterday, I twisted my right ankle, slipping on sweat, and fell on my fanny in front of the jampacked class full of my fitness peers.  After joining Shia in a hole of shame for a while:

Holes, anyone?

I climbed out, gingerly, and made it back home to ice my ankle with a bag of fro-peas (true story).  Today, I decided to take the day off from getting swoll. I’m not going to mess around with my ankle after the great foot breaks of 2k10 (lefty) and 2k4 (righty). Lunch was pretty standard, your basic “taco salad” a la Jordan:

Muy delicioso!!

  • Romaine lettuce (courtesy of the Durham Farmer’s market)
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • reduced fat mexican cheese blend
  • Salsa
  • Black beans and chicken seasoned with about 1/16 a packet of taco seasonin

I also enjoyed some tasty slices of watermelon for a snack.  Dinner was more like brinner, with an old standard:

  • Arnold Multi-grain Sandwich thin
  • Turkey bacon
  • 1 egg, 1 egg white
  • Sargento reduced fat Colby cheese slice
  • Reduced fat Wheat Thins
  • half a small avocado (heavenly)

Now that I’m stuffed, it’s time for a little downtime with the beau and Jack Bauer (Yeah, we’re pretty late on the 24 train…  Luckily we could watch every season in like, a bit over a week if we really stuck to it.)

This is mostly how I feel after eating that avocado...