Nothing’s Right, I’m TORN!

(***WARNING: The following post is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat.  I promise that [most of the time] I am not, and I’m just being melodramatic because it’s Wednesday and I’m sleepy.  Take it with a grain of salt, as a fair percent of it is in jest.***)

Here’s the thing.  When you offhandedly tell your friends you’d be okay with playing one night for them in volleyball if they needed, you never really think that volleyball game is going to come.

Here’s the other thing: You’re wrong.

That game will come and it will, undoubtedly, be the night that you really wanted to/planned with folks to go to Woody’s City Market in Raleigh with all your friends from that Tri-Beer Meetup you talk about incessantly.

Not only that, but one game will really mean two games, scheduled at the least convenient times ever known to mankind.  6:30. 8:30.

Don’t worry, the games will “be conveniently” (those quotation marks imply the dripping sarcasm that’s coming out of my every pore) located about 30 minutes from your house, 3o minutes from the bar, and 30 minutes from any likelihood of you being able to participate in the Dogfish Head Tap Takeover you’ve waited for your whole beer life (which may only be a mere 2 years in the making, but it still means a lot because this never happens and Dogfish is NEVER on tap anywhere near you).  You know, in case you were worrying.

You will undoubtedly feel like a brat for wanting to play one game then dash, and you will also feel like a jerk for ditching your beer friends.  This is natural.  Be prepared to feel this way all day.

Here’s the thing: whatever happens, it’s going to make you feel lousy.

How is it only Wednesday?

To make up for this downer of a post, here are a few things that make me incredibly happy:

  • This one time, I went to a Lady Gaga concert.  This was my outfit:

    That's right. Those are birds in my hair.

    This was my inspiration:

    Yup, birds on his back.

  • Although mon frere, Hunter, thought it’d be patriotic of him to go to France during the Fourth of July and take pictures like this:

    Il est degoutante, non?

    … he’s back, stateside!  Which means that I will be showering him with all the American love I have to give in just a few days!!

    He's my twin, 7 years removed.

    Can’t wait.

  • Today is the Changing of the Sales.  Come on, Harris Teeter…. Mommy needs some new cheese!

12 thoughts on “Nothing’s Right, I’m TORN!

  1. Ugh I hate when something comes up that I really want to go to but a prior engagement conflicts. Ultimately, go with your gut and do what will keep you peppy. Not everyone is going to be pleased, but if you’re miserable it’ll effect everyone you’re with.

    • I kept thinking to myself, “I wish I had the balls to just say no.”

      Luckily, it worked out without having to come to that point, but I loved that advice. Because I truly would have been miserable and a downer during the game. You’re full of wisdom.

  2. I hate when you tell a friend you will do something that you don’t really want to do- and then they take you up on it at the worst possible time! You do not sound like a spoiled brat at all! I would have been frustrated and annoyed.

  3. That’s the worst! I have been DYING to go to Woody’s – have you ever been? It looks so good. I hope you are able to make it to Woody’s tonight!

    • I made it, and it was AWESOME!! The wings…. well, honestly, they were a little too crispy and not enough meaty for my liking. But the beers flowed like water (minus the time when they claimed they stopped doing flights) and the waitresses were, for the most part, friendly.

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