North Carolina Girls Pint Out invades Tyler’s in Durham

Good evening y’all!! Even though it’s about a week overdue, I’ve definitely had this post on the backburner for a little while. Admittedly, most of that week was preparing for/driving to/being in/returning from/recovering from my best friend’s wedding but truly, no excuse for letting ladies who love craft beer down, right?

Last Thursday, I sped over to Rockfish at Southpoint for my favorite night of the week, Glass Night!  And, lemme just say, the place was poppin’!

Oh, hey, every beer lover in the Triangle!

The beer of the night was the New Belgium Trippel , and it. was. tasty!  So tasty, in fact, that we ran out of glasses early in the night.  Even though I gave mine away, it was not until after I took my essential “beer at Rockfish” picture.

Chin chin, people!

I’ve been a fan of New Belgium beers since I first tried Fat Tire, but even MORE so after being a part of the New Belgium Tour de Fat in Durham, which was a TOTAL BLAST!  It was also great to see what they’re all about, namely promoting self-powered travel via bikes!!

Though I’m a huge fan of their beer, I only had one glass before I headed out to Tyler’s Taphouse in Durham for the Inaugural North Carolina Girls Pint Out event!!

When I got there, I was immensely pleased with what I saw (other than just a bunch of hot ladies drinking beer… which always is a joy to see, no matter the occasion.)

Check out our Hoppin' Spot!

Tyler’s really went above and beyond the call of hosting-duty for us, allowing us to post signs, reserving a great spot for all us ladies, and providing a few complimentary appetizers to keep the ladies drinking and the conversation flowing (big thanks, Tyler’s folks! we LOVE you!!)

We even had some extremely well written beer handouts about Girls Pint Out and the special beers of the night!

Love that logo, too cute.

Expertly written. What a pro...

Well, I’ll be honest. I’m kind of biased, since the author of those BEAUTIFUL beer write-ups and pairing suggestions was none other than yours truly.  I’m also great at being humble, and available for parties and Bat Mitzvahs.

I even got to share my hard work with the class! Great practice for my Maid of Honor speech.

So many ladies showed up, they actually had to give us an extra table!


The beers were cold, the koozies were free, the queso was divine (and welcome after a long day of eating diddly) and the company couldn’t have been better.  I was so excited to work with the ladies that were part the “Founding Mothers Sisters” (mothers just sounds too weird) of the organization, and we’re already planning some events in August (possibly even a little outing or two for August 4th #IPADay!)

Big thanks to all the Founding Sisters for helping put it together, to Tyler’s for showing us a good time, and to all the lovely ladies of Lager who came out and made it as fun as it was!! (oh and big ups to Melissa for being my personal photographer for the night!)


Founding Sisters, looking classy as per.

Are you a lady who likes sipping on beer with ladies? 

If so, check us out on twitter and facebook or find a chapter near you!!

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