Minding My Peas and Qs

Good afternoon y’all, hope you’re enjoying this glorious summer day!

For a Tuesday in the middle of the August, the weather couldn’t have been nicer. It was crisp, it was cool, and I must say…. I think love was in the air.  In fact, I actually caught two little lovebirds in the act!

Sweet, sweet mothra love.

These two lovebugs (literally) were sitting on my car all morning.  And I’ll be honest, if this is what Moth-Sex looks like…  I’m not too impressed.  Gross.

Before work, I hit up the Teet for the tail end of super ultra mega hyper coupon week and picked up some serious cereal goodness.

Stocked and Loaded!

Yeah, a few of my new favorite cereal were on sale, AND I had a coupon, and so three boxes = about $5, slightly more than what would normally cost for a single box.  Love it.

While at work, I was thinking about heading to Zumba later today, and I figured I’d ice my ankle a little bit, as it’s still been bothering me.  At the office, though, my first aid supplies are running rather thin so I made due.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:

Ice Pack made of Frozen peas, and held to my ankle with bubble wrap

If they had a competition for the MacGyver of Doctors, I’d win, hands down.

When I got home for lunch, all I could think about was yesterday’s Good Karma Omelet and, since everyone loves good karma, I whipped another (remarkably similar looking) one.

1 egg white, 1 egg, green pepper, spinach, roma tomato, buffalo chicken, and muenster cheese

But I also paired it with a little something extra.

Buff Chick Rollups and Carrots

I rolled up some lunch meat and cheese, added some carrots and Sabra Hummus (Spinach artichoke), and chomped away.

Dessert was a salty one:

Nature's Place Salted Sunflower Seeds!

Since I’ve been inhaling these puppies all throughout ABC Family’s new “hit to be”, The Lying Game I think it’s time to pack the gym bag and head back to the office.

Do you think that moths make sweet, sexy moth love? Or they just got stuck that way?

What’s the most creative “makeshift” bandage/brace/etc you’ve ever made?

11 thoughts on “Minding My Peas and Qs

  1. what did you think of the lying game…should i add it to my long list of abcfam shows? (MIOBI, SLOTAT, PLL, etc..)

    when I fractured my wrist in 4th grade the school offce used a magazine and 2 rubber bands to make a sling…. all the while they thought I was lying about my injury because apparently i was that little kid that cried wolf a lot. but this was real.

  2. My favorite thing is my ice scarf I got from getting my wisdom teeth out… I swear it’s the best thing ever. I put it around my neck a lot and tie it in the front. It kinda chokes me, but it gets the job done with my neck is bugging me!

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