These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Happy Thursday, folks!

It’s an especially happy Thursday for me, as I leave to head up to Philly for my cousin’s wedding shower tomorrow (yay short weeks!)  I’ve been working overtime this week so I have to take less vacation time, which has resulted in a bit of a stressful week. Add that to a VERY busy set of evenings with volleyball on Monday, a beer tasting on Tuesday, and Girls’ Pint Out last night!! Oi vay. All that stress left me a little grouchy this morning, so I thought that I’d whip up a little comfort food for my luncheon.

Omelet of Glory

This particular Good Karma omelet  (filled with tomato, green pepper, spinach, turkey, and cheese) was intended to bring me out of my funk and, as I was nibbling on it, I decided to share with you a few of my other favorites of my life. What could bring me better karma and vibes than being a share-bear?!

Exactly. Nothing.

Worth its weight in crystal

As I mentioned on Twitter, this little box of Crystal Light pink lemonade has been dominating any sugar/soda cravings lately. LOVE the color of the pink lemonade, and I especially love the sweetness and tartness combined. Perfect way to break up my day with some sweetness, and only 5 calories, to boot!

Silky and Smooth

This one’s for the ladies (or gentlemen, if they shave in the shower!)

I’m the QUEEN of lousy leg shaving. I always seem to miss a strip, or the hair manages to grow back 10 minutes after I shaved, or I forget to do it all-together for three solid weeks. Whatever my issue, the Satin Care: In-Shower Moisturizer has made me a better leg shaver and, perhaps, a better person.

Seriously, though, slather this stuff on after you shave your legs (whilst still in the shower) and I’ve found that my legs stay smoother, longer, AND despite having that horribly sensitive skin that turns into a valley of red bumps if you even consider putting lotion on after shaving, using this moisturizer has left me bump-free!  Absolutely LOVE IT!

Why so serious, Octopus?

Fact: My hair has Medusa-like tendencies. Fact: This Double Dutch Apple Suave Detangling Spray (for kids)(for ME!) keeps it smoother and silkier than anything else I’ve ever tried. It’s better than conditioner, it’s better than dry stuff, it’s better than wishing that it wasn’t tangled. It’s the best (and it spells fantastic!)

Stress Bustah!

Despite being 24 years old, I have the skin of a pimply, pubescent 12 year old boy. The stress that I’ve been dealing with lately has only worsened that. Enter: Clean and Clear‘s Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. While I still have the occasional breakout, this stuff is AT LEAST keeping my face from erupting like an archipelago made entirely of Mount Vesuvius-esque zits. I know, I have a gross way with words.

Finally, and most importantly:

Hall of Fame

Talk about a killer lineup. This row of Autumn Seasonal beers will all be consumed in the not-too-distant future, as I intend to do an EXPERT review on my favorites.  Keep an eye out.

What’s keeping your spirits up lately?

What are your favorite products? Come on, spill, it’s good karma!!

Also of interest: This Article about the Best and Worst Products at Trader Joe’s ALSO inspired today’s post!! What are your favorites? Or least favorites?

18 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

  1. The last picture is my favorite! MY spirits have not been as up as I’d like, but some e-shopping helped a little. 😉 My favorite products for making lovely waves are the ones in the Garnier Wonder Waves line. I also love Victoria’s Secret So Sexy smoothing shine serum. I rarely shop at Trader Joe’s so I don’t have any favorite or least favorite items. I will say I got a thing of their roasted red pepper hummus and 3 days later is grew mold. Without being opened. Fail.

  2. Keeping my spirits up? Knowing that I will be in the US in just a week.

    Favorite products are DRY SHAMPOO. I have an entire arsenal that I use depending on the sweat content of my hair. I must have a dozen powders and sprays. I would work out less and have uglier hair if it was not for dry shampoo. Best product by far.

    • Hmmm never tried it except briefly in Italia when the going got rough (aka all 7 of us with one shower got rough). Alas, I sweat so very very much during workouts it almost seems like a lost cause. I might be better sticking my head out the car window on my drive back.

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