What I Watch Wednesday

Hey there Humpers (or Hump Day-ers)!

It’s halfway through the workweek (or a little more, as I’ll be doing a half-day on Friday) and I’m feeling easy and breezy. Last night, after a long meeting, I just came home and relaxed my face off.  I know I’m supposed to be shredding for the wedding, but I just needed to veg for a night. It. Was. Fantastic.

Today, I’m celebrating a few things.

First (and foremost): A very blurry No Pants Wednesday!

Featuring a sagging pair of shorts. Really classy.

But the other BIG celebration?


I’ll admit it without shame: I watch more TV shows than is probably healthy. My job has a heavy focus on media knowledge and literacy, so I just like to pretend that I’m always doing research as I DVR everything on ABC Family, the CW, Fox, and TeenNick.  I figured, to give you all a little more insight to the inner workings of MOI!

My true love (click for source)

I LOVE the age of the HIMYM characters, and the storylines, and the length of time it takes to watch an episode (30 minutes! a shorty!) So many of the shows I watch require a very intense hour of drama, and this is a great laugh-packed show.

Also, I’m basically semi-involved with Jason Segel (don’t worry, Ryan knows.)

Tuesdays is a time for the new classic:

La La! (click for source)

I must’ve missed about 6 episodes of the end of last season because, apparently, Naomi thought she was pregnant, Silver contemplated suicide, Liam hopped a boat, and Adrianna is a crazy bitch. Oh, and Navid’s mom moved to Switzerland? Who knows…. Anyway, it’s crazy to come back into things.  Now they’re in college, Annie’s joining a sorority and having her inheritance taken, and that’s in the FIRST TWO EPISODES!  Since I can’t enjoy Degrassi now, at least I have this drama. It’s going there.

Oh, Buffy. (click for source)

After my whirlwind 7 year romance with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’d follow Sarah Michelle Gellar to the ends of the earth. Or even to MSNBC, if she was headed there.  This show actually reminds me of an older version of my next guilty pleasure:

Baby Ringer!

Lies, deceit, sexy dudes, really great clothes, and TENNIS!! Be still my heart. This ABC Family show has snagged my heart not unlike Secret Life or Make it/Break It…. and then I realize I’m every marketer’s wet dream.  I clearly will watch anything.

Food porn? Yes, please. (click for source)

While Gail Simmons is no Padma, this show is a sweet tooth’s fantasy.  One episode, they recreated the edible room of Willy Wonka. Oh, heck yes.


Gossip Girl. The show that stirs up more emotions than any other ones (True Blood excluded, of course). Chuck Bass makes my heart beat fast, I never remember if I’m team Blair or Team Serena, I hate Jenny and Vanessa with a raging fire that could fuel the sun and watch anxiously to see what dumbass thing Dan does next. It’s addictive. As a youth (read: like, 2 years before the show came out) I read the entirety of the book series. I was doomed to love this show until I die (or it’s canceled).

NBC's All-Star Lineup

Community, The Office (though sans Michael Scott now, AH!), and 30 Rock.  I can’t get enough.

Don't mind if I do...

Vampires in True Blood? Twilight? What’s another show to add to the mix?  Ian Somerhalder has been a celebrity crush since he was in Rules of Attraction in 2002. True love never dies.

Wow. This is getting a little out of hand.  Luckily, I only ALSO watch:

Modern Family, CSI (all of them), SVU, Warehouse 13, Alphas, The Secret Circle, I plan on watching The Secret Circle and Revenge, and the list could go on for an embarrassing length of time…. No wonder my DVR is so full so early in the season.  Better get to watching.

What shows do you watch?

Who are your celebrity crushes?

20 thoughts on “What I Watch Wednesday

  1. I don’t watch a lot of scripted shows, but the ones I do watch are Mad Men (which is delayed til winter, boo!) and Big Bang Theory (I love me some Sheldon Cooper!). The latter clearly appeases my uber-nerd tendencies. I would die to meet Jason Segel! Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my favorites!

  2. I’m exactly like you…I watch a lot of tv shows haha. Vampire Diaries= love for Damon…at first I didn’t like his character, now I hate stephan’s. Some of my fav shows include: Bones, Castle, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and last night I watched The New Girl and I was kind of obsessed 😀

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