Halloween Brainstorming

Happy No-Pants Wednesday, folks!

Thanks so much for your feedback on Group Fitness Etiquette, loved hearing your rules and habits!

However, I’m being a bit blasphemous today.  It’s just too cold.

No shame in that game.

Some pants are okay on No Pants Wednesday. If they’re comfy, cozy, and bought from Considering this chilly weather (I know, I’m being a bit of a pansy, but the mornings are freezing for this summer girl!), I wanted something hot hot hot for lunch.

Steamy... just how I like it.

Grilled buffalo chicken sammy!! Sharp provolone cheese on a sandwich thin with Frank’s drenched chicken. Perfectly paired with some steamed veggies. Just what my belly needed.

In other news, quite possibly my favorite holiday is right around the corner.


Honestly, any real reason to dress up in a costume, and I’m 110% down.


I have an entire GIANT bag of costumes that takes up more room in my closet than anything else.

Psychadelic fairy!

Wings, glitter, feather boas, cat ears…. the list goes on.


Last year, for a theme party, I was even a (sexy) Ewok.  I am probably not going to post EVERY picture of a costume I’ve been recently (there was that year I was a “superman’d ho” – my personal step back for all feminist progress, but hilarious in my eyes).

Jersey Girl: We Pump Fists, Not Gas

My senior year, I embodied my all-time favorite film, Dazed and Confused, trying to match the badassery of the Senior Girls.


And the ever popular Toga Party.

Just call me Artemis.

Or that time I dressed up as a Zebra for the Lady Gaga concert.

Little Monster

Last year, I was Patty O’Green from Rainbow Brite, my first time wearing a fancy store-bought costume (since I was a little girl, at least).

Luck of the Irish

This year, though, I’m trying to figure out what to be. I don’t even know what my plans are (other than UNC’s homecoming weekend with ClaireB) but I’d love to make a funky costume.

Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

1. Hop Cone

This is an ingredient in beer. It is NOT a pot plant.

2. Redfoo from the Sexy and I Know It video

Animal print pants rocking outta control.

3. Bubbly

Pop champagne wooooahhhh

(I know this is a rerun from New Belgium’s Tour de Fat Durham visit…. But reuse-recycle, right? Green’s the new orange and black.)

4. Big Boss’ Angry Angel

My favorite Kolsch = my favorite costume inspiration?

Basically, since there’s no real character, I’d just take some creative liberty.

5. No Doubt Gwen Stefani

Remember the video for I’m just a girl?

I might not have the abs (yet!) but she’s such a rockstar. I’d just need a tank top, put some Old English letters on there saying GWEN, curl my hair, VOILA!

What’re you being this year for Halloween?

What’s your best Halloween costume of all time?

9 thoughts on “Halloween Brainstorming

  1. JORD. whenever i think of my Halloweens of yesteryear (before the Holiday meant booze, boys, bars, beer pong, and bacardi) I think of us trick-or-treating, always in multiple neighborhoods to obviously get the best loot.

    I loved seeing all these pictures from your college years. We are on the same wavelength when it comes to costumes: plan and brainstorm early, homemade = better, always stay original/creative/quirky with a touch of sexy for the ladies. Reference a topical pop-culture subject or more vague cult-classic that is close to your heart, etc. The sexy Ewok KILLED me, I’m obsessed. My favorites through the recent years (besides ages 3-5 when I was Dorothy 3 times in a row) have been The White Rabbit (I had an Alice as my counterpart) “New Years” (10 of my friends were each various Holidays) a “Republican Wife” (shotgun/McCain Palin signs included) and a Yankees fan who has been severely pummeled by Phils fans at CBP.

    This year, my spreadsheet of potential costume ideas is already chocked full and I know I’ll have a minimum of 2 costumes (Friday AND Saturday, hello). I’m actually planning on being one of my favorite movie characters of all time, a costume I’ve wanted to be for years…I’ll let you know how it goes. As for your ideas they are all stellar, though I’m voting for 1. REDFOO and then 2. GWEN STEFANI as a close second place. I also had a friend of mine today say he is going to be Ash Catchem, while his female counterpart will dress up as the Pokemon of her choice. I thought you’d especially appreciate that couple costume. Great post, as always– Can’t wait to see pics from your Halloween this year!!!

  2. We have a costume party to go to, but I have no idea what we will be and time is ticking away! I love the idea of a costume party, but my imagination isn’t that good…and I don’t want to be the one with the lame costume! UGH…the pressure!

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