True or False: Vintage Edition


Today’s a fantastic day in the making as I’m relaxing in my family home in Pennsylvania getting reading to head to a hair appointment at my favorite salon that I’ve been going to for the past 7 years. Oh, and, no big deal, then we’re just taking off to NYC for bright lights, big city, and some familial love.  You know, much like the images of my cousin’s wedding from the spring.

I love coming home, cuddling in the bed I grew up in, and seeing my family.  One of my favorite parts of coming home is perusing through my belongings that I’ve hoarded kept around for a while.  I figured I’d share some with you in a little game of true or false.

True or False: I am afraid terrified of snakes.

What? You don't have a giant tropical mural in your home? Bummer.


I think snakes are amazing, powerful, striking creatures. So much, in fact, that when I was younger and just moving into our house in Pennsylvania (I’m from Wilmington, DE originally), I made sure to request they were included in my rainforest mural. An art teacher from back when I was an itty bitty elementary school-er did it, and it features a black panther (see if you can spot it, bottom left), a monkey, a parrot, and (of course) a snake! Unpictured: a tiny tree frog.

As much as my friends used to say it must be scary to have that panther and snake giving me the eye every night, it’s my favorite part of my bedroom.

True or False: I was a nerd growing up.

Wall of Fame

Totally true. I was a Mathlete, I won english awards, art awards, foreign language awards. Basically, a book worm to the core (some things never change) and a TOTAL teacher’s pet. The middle image is a piece of artwork my mother got done for all the kids in my family. A very talented fellow would make these incredibly detailed pictures from one single piece of paper without use of glue or  exacto knives. Only scissors. It was awesome. My brother’s images showed them kicking a soccer ball or playing catch. Mine shows me sitting at a desk, reading.  Clearly, books defined me.

True or False: I collected Furbies.

My harem

False. Then again, American Girl Dolls was a different story. I even have the one designed to look like me (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Josefina.)

Hey there, Kit, do us a solid and quit flashing your bloomers! This isn’t that kind of blog.

True or False: I am an animal lover.

Pickles Price

Old Man Happithan

Let's not forget Joey, the turtle.

True, True, TRUE!

I love my boys. Can’t wait to have a pup of my own one day.

True or False: I sleep with a body pillow every night.

He's not just anybody.

True… and false.

Well, in NC, I sleep with a plain old boring body pillow. However, when I’m home, the man in my bed is this green guy (well, on the other side, he’s purple, but you get the idea.) It’s a person shaped pillow called an Anybuddy.

I tried to look them up, and I guess they weren’t a big thing, I’ve never seen anyone else with one. But he’s cozy, he’s fleecy.  He’s basically a dream man.  Well, he was my dream man before Ry-guy came into my life.  I still make time for Anybuddy when I’m home, though.  You never forget your first love…

Ok, well the old man dog just pranced trudged into my room, looking for some love, so I’m off to coddle him.

Any good memories in your family home? Or have your folks turned it into a candle-making studio, a la Serenity by Jan.

bonus points if you know, at all, what I’m referencing. The hint’s in the link…

3 thoughts on “True or False: Vintage Edition

  1. i could write a novel of my good memories in THAT family home 🙂 the Price house was constantly a scene from Hook, in the best way possible. have a great weekend with your clan Jord!!

  2. True story: a guy that went to my high school brought his pet boa in for science class. I wasn’t in the class, but when I saw him (and the snake) I got to hold it. Snakes are fricken awesome. 🙂 Have fun at the wedding!!

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