Black Friday: Thanks, but No Thanks

Hope that y’all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! And, to those of you who were brave enough to venture to the sales last night/this morning, I salute you.

And, if you were in line last night around 9:30, I may or may not have made fun of you.  Well, not really made fun of you. More like… had my brother drive me past you as I recorded the chaos.

Super Target! Super Line!

No shame in that game, though, but I managed to get the camera I was hoping for online this morning without camping out with a Snuggie and a bag of snacks.  Whew.

While I was online, searching for my personal shopping needs, I stumbled upon a few choice items that, while unique, might not make me super happy if I found them under the tree this year.

Hoot, hoot!

For just $50, you, too, can look like a total lunatic. This “Owl Buddy” from Urban Outfitters matches perfectly with platform shoes that the model is showing off, so maybe if you’re headed out to the discotheque this year, but you wanna stay warm, you know where to go to pick up your gear!

$12 for the bear, $150 for the dentist’s office

This year, why not do yourself and your loved ones a favor and don’t buy them the 8″ tall nearly 2″ thick gummy bear from Fred Flare.

Then again, if your mother is a dentist or your family invested heavily in floss companies, by all means, get a dozen of these to hand out at the office.


Plush Bonsai Kitty.

Not ok.

Half a Glass? NEVER!

The Half Full Optimist’s Glass, to me, is really just half of a glass that takes up the space of a full glass. And I like full beers. I wanna drink them all. This glass hinders my ability.


What’s the silliest gift you’ve ever received?

3 thoughts on “Black Friday: Thanks, but No Thanks

  1. Ummmmm hahahahah. I got Steve that gummy bear last year…and definitely bought my dad the half full cup for his office….hahahahah

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