TYT Featuring a TST

Gooooood afternoon, friends!

So, apparently, with my Treat Yo’ Self Six Pack Sunday, I made a bit of a SMFP (Social Media Faux Pas).  APPARENTLY, the real trending phrase that all the cool kids (on Twitter) use is #TreatYourselfTuesday.

Don’t I just feel like Amber walking into the party wearing Cher’s exact same outfit.

Yup, definitely that outfit.

Oh well, the real moral of the story is that you should Treat Yourself EVERY DAY!!  Then, we all win.

Today, I decided to treat myself with one of my very favorite sandwiches.  It’s called The TST (Tuna, Spinach, Tomato) and it’s a grown up version of my favorite sammy as a little kid.

Big Girl Lunches for Big Girl Things!

Those three little nibbles on the left of the sammy aren’t actually because I always  nibble three bites of bread before making a sandwich (that’d be an irritating and time consuming habit), but because my bread of choice, the Arnold’s Healthfull Nutty Grain (a new favorite!! 80 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber per slice) was far too big for the office toaster.

Little kid Jordan would’ve had her tuna sammy on white bread, stuffed with some Doritos for crunch. And while putting Doritos on a sandwich is a trend that will NEVER die with me, it’s not exactly the healthiest option, so, in this case, spinach and tomato provided just the right texture mixup that I needed.

Here’s another habit that I picked up as a little kid that hasn’t changed in all my years.

How many nibbles does it take to get to the center?

I always like to bite around the sandwich (or slice of pizza… or French toast… or breakfast sammy) and save what I designate as the “Best Bite” for last.

Luckily, in some cases, every bite is the best bite.

In those cases, all bets are off.

How about you?

Do you like to eat the best part of your ______ first? Or save it for last?

9 thoughts on “TYT Featuring a TST

  1. Always the best for last, unless dessert is available and more coveted than the meal. Then I eat it first. What? THAT’S ONE OF THE REASONS I WANTED TO BE AN ADULT.

  2. I eat my sandwiches the same way! Also, when eating Frosted Mini Wheats (as a snack not in milk), I will eat all the less frosted pieces first, then the most frosted one last. This might make me crazy, but it’s a delicious kind of crazy. 😉

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