Pumped Up Kicks & Lollihop Snacks!

I’ve been feeling like a queen, lately.  It could be the amount of time that I spend in a robe bathrobe or the fact that I set up all my ugly dolls in a row to watch me as I prance about in one of my four tiaras, but it’s probably the delicious foods that I’ve been preparing and then gobbling up in a very un-royal fashion.  For lunch today, I enjoyed the finest Indian food that Trader Joe’s had to offer.

My fancy office plate really ties the meal together

Channa Masala and Biryani Curried Rice from Trader Joe’s, random leftover piece of flatbread fromm Target, and a bed of baby spinach.  Tonight, I recreated a smaller version of the Baked Coconut Shrimp that I mentioned in last week’s Six Pack Sunday and a side of roasted peppers and asparagus.

I already fear peeing later.

Another thing making me feel like royalty?  Well, they’re no glass slippers but…

Zig tech, baby!

My new kicks came in the mail!  I actually currently rock another pair of Zigs that Ryan gave me last year for Christmas, and love them. When I saw them on RueLaLa on sale, I couldn’t resist.  I haven’t decided to start using them regularly yet, but I’m just excited to prance about in them.  They feel a little heavier than my current sneakers, but also more secure, so it seems like the shoe fits!

Also in the mail?  My Lollihop box!  Lollihop is was a monthly box you pay a nominal fee for and, like a Birchbox you can eat,  it’s filled with deluxe samples of healthy snacks! Apparently this month was the last one that they’re going to send out, so you can’t get in on this action… but I figured I’d share my snack haul (none of which I’ve actually tried yet, so I can’t give any deets).

Boxed and ready for consumption.

This adorable box packed with snacks included the following:

While I may not have wanted to buy full sizes of all these products, I can’t wait to make my way (my edible way) through the products I get to try!  I’ll share any of the hits/misses.

What’s a product that you’d love to try, but you’re nervous to spend money on a full-sized package?

I was actually hesitant to try goat cheese and it wasn’t until I got a coupon for a free sample that I realized how tasty it was. Now I actually spend my money on it!

Have you ever tried a savory nutrition bar like the Journey Pizza Marinara bars?

3 thoughts on “Pumped Up Kicks & Lollihop Snacks!

  1. what a fun thing! I got so excited to get myself in on that Lollihop action what a bummer they aren’t doing it anymore. I am actually curious to try cottage cheese but I don’t think I will like it so I don’t want to spend the money on it!

    And that savory nutrition bar sounds really interesting! But I am not sure if I would buy it to try

    • I like to have the brightest kicks on the block… mostly because, when my leg shoots up in the middle of a group fitness class, it’s like a highlighter flashing across the mirror.

      That is seriously the reason, and I’ve thought about that MANY times.

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