Never Fear, Shower Beer!


I think that I shall never see

a poem lovely as a tree.


There’s nothing lovelier to see

than a shower beer, just for me!!

My love.

I don’t always drink Bud Platinum…

But when I do, it’s in the shower.

It’s gonna be a great weekend, y’all.

15 thoughts on “Never Fear, Shower Beer!

  1. Love a good shower beer. Beer in the shower = bower? No? I have no idea, but when I’m training for a race in the summer, anything over 7 miles usually warrants a shower beer.

  2. Ok, this post just cemented my love for you. And shower beer. Ha! Have a great weekend and can’t wait to hear about the imminent shenanigans!

  3. Oh Jordan, I swear – if the planets ever align and allow the crazy connection to happen.. We would be best friends.

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