Monday’s Miseducation

So, I learned a lot of things this weekend.

My frenemy, Mary.

Bloody Marys and I don’t get along.  Or, more accurately, we maybe get along too well. I’d never tried one before this weekend, and apparently, they do an exceedingly good job of masking the taste of alcohol.  Dangerous for this girl.  Belated apologies to everyone that had to deal with me after the effect kicked in, I think that’s the last time I’ll be enjoying (?) that particular soupy cocktail.

Vacations are a lot less relaxing when you spend most of the time traveling, even after the initial traveling to get to your destination.

If this article is true, I’m going to live FOREVER.

Wahoo!!!! (Wa-Foo?)

The Foo Fighters put on one hell of a live show.

If DJ Pauly D is performing IN NEW JERSEY, you really should get in line quite early.  Or else you won’t see him.  Luckily, there were plenty of other fist pumping moments to deal with over the weekend.

Who YOU calling ugli, fruit?

Ugli Fruit are real things.  This is not a joke.   And, despite their mottled and lumpy exterior, their insides are juicy citrusy fruits that taste a lot like grapefruit.  So if you’re into that kinda thing, be my guest.

Still warm…

Oui oui

New Jersey’s got the breakfast situation on LOCK. Plump, warm everything bagels, thick slices of Taylor pork roll, enough butter to swim in…. Mama likes it.

Oh, and something I learned today?

If this creature is allowed to exist on the planet, the end is probably nigh.


I hope y’all are at peace with your makers.  Or really good with bugs….

Any bits of juicy knowledge you learned this weekend? (They don’t ALL have to be related to Jersey.)

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Miseducation

  1. I had my first bloody mary a year ago, and really liked them! I was surprised. Actually, I’m due for another one soon. 😉 Sorry the alcohol creeped up on you! I hate when that happens.

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