Just Call Me Elle Woods.

You know that part in Legally Blonde where Elle shows up to the costume party all dolled up, looking cute as hell, and no one else knew there was a theme?

Wait…. what?

Well…. sometimes, that kinda stuff really happens in real life.

Like when your buddy has an “I Love the 90s” party and you get so stoked to dress up in your wacky old prom dress….

All dressed up with no place to go

And yes, maybe that dress isn’t crushed velvet so it wasn’t EXACTLY the 90s, but I went for it. And you know who else at the party went for it?


Maybe 3 flannel shirts (a la grunge?) and a confused girl in neon, but other than that…. folks just showed up. What happened to dedication to the THEME, people?!?!

Whatever, I made those two lonely skinny “bangs” strands of hair look GOOD.

Good, of course, is a relative term.

Can someone explain to me why that was a trend? I’m pretty sure I have a picture of elementary school me with similar strands. Oh, fashion….

Theme parties: love em (and go all out) or hate em (and know that I will forever show up at all your future non-theme parties dressed in some wacky theme)?!

Favorite themes for parties?



13 thoughts on “Just Call Me Elle Woods.

  1. Omg, that is too funny! Elle made that mistake look good and I bet you did too!

    I have *never* been to a themed party and it’s the saddest thing ever because I would be all about it.

  2. Who doesn’t dress up for a theme party?! Those stupid strands of hair hanging down was the death of me in jr. high and early high school (90’s) We did that because we wanted our hair done, but didn’t want it to look like were trying too hard.

  3. Ahahahahah i love this.
    go 90’s! woo. just kidding. you could have warn giant legged jeans too. and you know i love a good theem. it is actually funny because some ppl i just met recently (since i still dont know like anyone here in NC) invited us to a halloween party this weekend and they said dressing up was OPTIONAL. so i was like ok they probably arent that hardcore about it. but i planned a super awesome costume for torrance and i and then i talked to other ppl that are giong and no one is going all out for costumes. anyway, i am happy i talked to people first or else we would have probably been SUPER overdone HAHAHA

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