New Year, New Generation

I had every intention of taking LOADS of pictures on Christmas night. Really, I did. Pictures of the food, pictures of the presents, pictures of the fun… That was the plan.

See, look, I even started!

Festive Filet! Yes, sir-ay!

Festive Filet! Yes, sir-ay!

But, as it’s been said before, “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.”  Admittedly, I am neither a mice NOR a man. But something got in the way of my picture taking.  Actually, it was more someone. Enter Whitney, my eldest female cousin (of my 10 cousins on my mom’s side of the family).  If you’re a long-time reader, you might remember her getting married in NYC last year and me visiting her not too long after that in the city. If you’re not, here she is, interrupting Christmas dinner:

Rude, right?

Rude, right?

She had the GALL to ask everyone to quiet down, interrupting crucial appetizer consumption time.  I looked over her way, intrigued, but still hungry, and instinctively started snapping pictures.  She claims that she had a full speech planned out, ready to wow the crowd with her eloquence.  What it really went like was something like this:

Hey! Everyone. [we all stare at her, she momentarily looks like a deer in headlights.] I…. Um…. I’M PREGNANT!!



Cue total rapture from the 30-something family members in the house at the time. There was laughing, there was crying, belly-touching, and joy. We demanded to know the due date, how she was feeling, the details (we’re a little bit of a TMI family)… Everything.

Love is all around.

Love is all around.

And, in the hooplah and hullabaloo, I set my camera aside to give my cousin all the love and support I could (and hand over some presents, of course).  I did get my brother to snap one picture though, so we’ll just consider it a toast to the next generation of our family.

Slainte to the little one and his/her happy parents!

Slainte to the little one and his/her happy parents!

Beyond that, break has been full of relaxation, great foods, and delicious beers. And, inevitably, loads of excited chattering over the baby-on-the-way.

Can’t wait to find out even more and, eventually, meet this little one!!

Any insane Christmas news and announcements on your end?

I feel like Facebook and Twitter erupted with news of engagements and pregnancies. Tis the season, eh?





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