Diva is the Female Version of a Hustler

Who has two thumbs and had THE BEST SUNDAY EVER?!

(This is where I should post a picture of me and my thumbs. But I don’t have that picture. So just imagine it.)

Sometimes, going to grad school is an expensive life- and time-suck that seems impossible and endless. Other times, your classes are fulfilling and your field work makes you feel like you’re affecting change and you geek out over research. And then, there are other times when your Graduate and Professional Student Association decides to treat you to a day of glam that truly embodies the concept of “Treating yo’ self“.

Bellini, pistachio macaron, Earl Grey macaron. Yup.

Bellini, pistachio macaron, Earl Grey macaron. Yup.

In honor of the Oscars on Sunday night, they threw us a little “Diva Party” which made for the ultimate Sunday Funday. Hair, nails (which we skipped in honor of trying on crazy expensive outfits), and makeup. I’m in there like swimwear.

I'd like someone to do this to my head daily.

I’d like someone to do this to my head daily.

My partner-in-crime, Martha, and I took part in several of the services. And even MORE of the macarons.



The most delicious rainbow

The most delicious rainbow

I think between the two of us, we probably enjoyed 10-14 of those bad boys. Pistachio, as always, was my favorite. And since I had big plans for later (namely, a tasty bottle share with some of Philly’s most fun beer geeks), I figured I’d get all sorts of dolled up. Go hard or go home, right?

Sexy milk maid?

Sexy milk maid? Sure.

And, when in Rome (if Rome was the home of incredibly expensive and beautiful clothing), do as the Romans do.


Do the Romans play dress up?

I hope so.

I feel like Queen Amidala.

I feel like Queen Amidala.

I admittedly didn’t have enough spare cash lying around to shell out for some Red Carpet Gown…. but if I did, I think I’d go back and get that dress. And then wear that dress ALL THE TIME to make sure I got the most bang for my buck.

Unfortunately, all that dress-up left me without time to get a manicure…. maybe I’ll find one somewhere in the Dominican Republic this weekend.  I still left feeling like a total diva.

What’s your favorite way to “Treat Yo Self”? 

I know some folks like Fine Leather Goods. I’m personally partial to fancy cheese





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