Guess who’s almost a graduate?



Whipped up this little number for my culminating presentation. Admittedly, the contents are ACTUAL results of a qualitative analysis I worked on tirelessly (well… maybe tire-fully. or tired-fully. Which is to say: I’m very tired.) BUT this Tuesday, it all comes to a head. And in case y’all are interested in coming to hear a talk on factors influencing condom use on Tuesday morning, you let me know. 

If not, well…. don’t be surprised if you see one rowdy gal at the Phillies game Tuesday night.

(Here’s a confession: Can’t wait to return to blogging. I just want to write about things like new delicious restaurants and Philly beer week and my upcoming trip back to Denver and the fact that I’m gainfully employed and the summer that shines promising in the distance. Soon folks. Graduation is just around the corner.)

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