The Hunt for ThanksgivWiches #1: Jake’s Sandwich Board

I’ve got a fever.

And the only prescription is…. more Thanksgiving sandwiches.


Luckily, the prognosis is looking good. See, ever since I was a little lady, the concept of Thanksgiving was a little intense to me. I’m the eldest of five kids, and most years my siblings and I split up for different family celebrations. But often, we made up for the big night with Fakesgiving, or just an informal dinner of Thanksgiving Sandwiches.


Since then, something about this concept of Thanksgiving on a Roll has always appealed to me. I’ve made a new goal of chasing down that perfect ThanksgivWich within the city of Philadelphia, since my beloved Capriotti’s is too far. Up first?


Bathroom Doors: Charming, no?

Jake’s Sandwich Board’s Turducken (click HERE for video)

Jake’s has always been a favorite spot of mine, mostly because it’s truly a place that reminds you how high you are on the food chain. Sandwiches topped with turkey, brisket, bacon, pulled pork, or a mix of a few…. Seeded rolls, sriracha mayo, and a number of other toppings from long hots to bitter greens, avocado to cheese, roasted vegetables to pickled red onions. But I had tunnel vision.


Sandwich of the Month: Turducken

I had heard tell of this “Turducken” Sandwich, but finally today took the 5 block stroll over to get one of my own.


Why not add a side of fried potatoes to this sandwich topped with fried potatoes?

This sandwich was delicious… and super busy. The base of cranberry-apple sauce was the spread, but some of the flavors might have been lost in the…. well, in the other flavors.

I think a great challenge of the ThanksgivWich is to allow the multitude of ingredients to sing in harmony. And while the Turducken was tasty, it was rare to get a bite that contained more than 1 or 2 ingredients. The seeded roll, however…. that was just a crusty delight.

This is a sandwich meant to be served and consumed hot, and the addition of the potato pancake was an EXCELLENT one. Unfortunately, due to the size of the medallions, only a few bites of the sandwich actually contained the potato crunch. I actually think that there could be a few more if they were smaller, and that could lead to more potato bites. Which is a good thing.

I’ve got my eyes out for others, and I’ll definitely be checking out the offerings from Wawa (the Infamous Gobbler), Nick’s Roast Beef in Old City, PERHAPS a trip to Fairmount’s Rybread for their Savannah, and a jaunt to Reading Terminal Market for Bassett’s Original Turkey. Now welcoming suggestions, especially the seasonal ones!

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