A Dogfish Head Holiday

Here’s a fun fact: despite eating, drinking, and breathing Philadelphia, I was actually born in Delaware. The “Small Wonder” is known for a few things (other than where I came into this world):

Now, I’m a big Dogfish Head fan. Founder (and James Beard Award-Winning) Sam Calagione is pretty much a rockstar in the craft beer world, and I get a little giddy on those lucky occasions I get to rub elbows with him.


Philly Beer Week: Bringing Beer Buddies Together!

But last summer I had the chance to do something I’d actually never done before: Visit and explore the home of Dogfish Head AND stay in the historic Dogfish Inn.

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Just over two hours from Philadelphia is the coastal Delaware town, Lewes, that’s home to the Dogfish Inn. The Inn is about 11 miles from the brewery in Milton  and 6 miles from the Brewpub. Perfectly nestled for an epic beer-themed weekend getaway!

Our room was ADORABLE, with a large bed and a cozy little desk area (everything is available to purchase, but the growler was complimentary, perfect for taking on a brewery tour and filling up with the good stuff!)


Beach chairs for the nearby sandy shores, and a tote bag I still covet

While the thin walls of this charming spot made for some semi-sleepless nights, the kitsch and vibes were so stellar, it was easy to forget. BONUS: Who needs sleep when you can mainline Chicory Stout Coffee in the little lobby-visitor center?

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While we planned our own little tour of the area, and drove ourselves from place to place (don’t worry, we waited until we got back to our room before we enjoyed our growler’s contents), you could always let the DFH team plan your weekend for you, with some pretty epic Packages (from brewery tours & swag to a honeymoon getaway!)

Other bonuses?

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Access to the elite fleet of Dogfish Head’s beach cruisers AND a wonderful little fire pit that fills up with like-minded, beer-loving guests at night!

Now, to answer a few questions I’ve had since my stay:

  • The rooms can range from $209-$349, or potentially more during the weekends. I was lucky enough to WIN a two-night stay during the off-season (mid-September) but it could definitely be a splurge for some.
  • There’s ZERO beer sold on-site. Luckily, there are restaurants and shops nearby so you can stock up on all your DFH beer needs!
  • Yes, there’s beer soap in the showers. Yes, it’s amazing. Yup, I took the remainder of the soap block home with me.

Next time you’re thinking of a beachy weekend (or playing hooky, lots more availability during the weekdays), and wanna soak up some brews and seaside views, consider the Dogfish Head Inn. And then head over to Milton to stock up on all the beers, spirits, and swag you can get your hands on!

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Beer-loving Babes!

Cheers to vacations fueled by beers!

Beach Bunny!

Gooooood (rainy) morning, everyone!

It’s 8 a.m. and, as per, I’m the only one awake.  The life of an early bird…

This morning, I decided to be a team player and get donuts for the whole gang.  In our humble abode, the roster is currently as follows:

  • Jordan (that’s me!)
  • Ryan (the beau)
  • Mom and Dad
  • Somers, Connor, Hunter (nope, he’s in France! sacre bleu!) and Kiley (my siblings)
  • Jacki (Somers’ girlfriend)
  • Bally, Lorch, Sunny, Gilly, Beaver (Connor’s friends)
  • Rachel (my besty who surprised us last night with an impromptu decision to spend the next two days with us!!)

Clearly, it’s a full house (14 was the final count) so I picked up 2 dozen of the most delicious donuts known to mankind at Brown’s.

Truly a delicacy

Normally, the line is about 30 feet long for these warm, fried gooey treats, but today I got lucky that it was raining! (look on the bright side of life, right?)

Sweet, fried dough

They use the same machine as they have my whole life, and it’s a slow process, but the payoff is totally worth it.

I wanted to eat them all!

They come out piping hot and oozing with icing. Just how I like em…

On my way home, I  saw some beautiful scenery, including this party house:

Not Pictured: The tent in the driveway with beer bottles all over.

Either they were getting the day started very early (this shot was taken at 7:15 am) or they passed out before cleaning things up.  I’m hoping the latter, but I know how some folks like to party…

I also caught this little fella in the act:


Sneaky beach bunny was nibbling my neighbor’s flowers!!  I love to see bunnies at the beach, especially because Ocean City’s an island, and I imagine them swimming over.

Well, the other folks of the household are starting to stir, so I’m off to give them the fruits of my adventure.

After I get my fair share, of course.

Donuts are for lovers.

How do you like your donuts, warm or cold?

What do you do on a rainy day at the beach?

Maybe we’ll see a movie… Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend!