Beach Bunny!

Gooooood (rainy) morning, everyone!

It’s 8 a.m. and, as per, I’m the only one awake.  The life of an early bird…

This morning, I decided to be a team player and get donuts for the whole gang.  In our humble abode, the roster is currently as follows:

  • Jordan (that’s me!)
  • Ryan (the beau)
  • Mom and Dad
  • Somers, Connor, Hunter (nope, he’s in France! sacre bleu!) and Kiley (my siblings)
  • Jacki (Somers’ girlfriend)
  • Bally, Lorch, Sunny, Gilly, Beaver (Connor’s friends)
  • Rachel (my besty who surprised us last night with an impromptu decision to spend the next two days with us!!)

Clearly, it’s a full house (14 was the final count) so I picked up 2 dozen of the most delicious donuts known to mankind at Brown’s.

Truly a delicacy

Normally, the line is about 30 feet long for these warm, fried gooey treats, but today I got lucky that it was raining! (look on the bright side of life, right?)

Sweet, fried dough

They use the same machine as they have my whole life, and it’s a slow process, but the payoff is totally worth it.

I wanted to eat them all!

They come out piping hot and oozing with icing. Just how I like em…

On my way home, I  saw some beautiful scenery, including this party house:

Not Pictured: The tent in the driveway with beer bottles all over.

Either they were getting the day started very early (this shot was taken at 7:15 am) or they passed out before cleaning things up.  I’m hoping the latter, but I know how some folks like to party…

I also caught this little fella in the act:


Sneaky beach bunny was nibbling my neighbor’s flowers!!  I love to see bunnies at the beach, especially because Ocean City’s an island, and I imagine them swimming over.

Well, the other folks of the household are starting to stir, so I’m off to give them the fruits of my adventure.

After I get my fair share, of course.

Donuts are for lovers.

How do you like your donuts, warm or cold?

What do you do on a rainy day at the beach?

Maybe we’ll see a movie… Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend!

9 thoughts on “Beach Bunny!

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  2. I like my donuts warm and filled with custard! Back up for the donut shops that don’t have custard-filled ones: maple glazed donuts! Rainy day at the beach? I’d go with catchphrase, cranium, apples to apples. Maybe watch old movies like Jumanji and remember why they are so scary…

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