More Like Federal GO-NUTS! Federal Donuts in Center City

Ever see that flick, Wicker Park? The one where some girl dates Josh Hartnett, then she leaves him, and then some other crazy girl is obsessed with him or something. I clearly was only watching to ogle Mr. Hartnett, but I do remember the one quote from the end of the trailer.

Love makes you do crazy things, insane things… can’t help it.

Point in case? This morning, I woke up before the sun because I’m in love. In love with donuts. My crack-of-dawn-wake-up-call was all to be one of the first to taste the heavenly decadence of Federal Donuts‘ newest location in Center City.  Clearly, I was pretty amped.


I got to soak up some of the Monday morning sights of Philadelphia… Namely, the piles of trash on the street, as it’s trash-pickup-day.


Smell that sweet, morning air.

As I crossed through the park, I was greeted by streaks of light and sunshine. And, as my stomach growled with excitement,

Good morning, world. Did you wanna share my donuts?

When I rolled up to their new location (1632 Sansom Street, if you’re wondering), the inside was bustling with activity.

No surprise, this go-getter was the first in line (a line of two for a while…)


Before we knew it, the 14 minute wait was over, and it was time to get at the good stuff.  We were offered our choice of four of their donuts. This was absolutely not an easy choice for me, considering they had 6 fancies (flavors listed under the pictures) and 3 “hots” that were made fresh (flavors of hots included strawberry fennel, vanilla spice, and Turkish mocha).

(Clockwise, from Upper Left) Maple Bacon, Green Tea Sesame, Mint Chocolate (I THINK) and Butter Pecan (I think? I had tunnel vision.)

Right side: Spicy PB&J on the top, Lemon Bar on the bottom


Icing the Fancies

HOT hots!

I carefully observed and plotted and licked my lips.  And then, I decided on my four and excitedly walked out with a bag of goodies.

The Final Four

I went with 3 fancies:

  • Maple Bacon (White frosting with a brown drizzle, looks like a flower. I KNEW Ry would love that one!)
  • Green Tea Sesame (Green, with sesame explosion!)
  • Spicy PB&J (PB&J stripes!)

And ONE perfect, highly recommended hot:

  • Strawberry fennel (Pink fairy dust!)

As I walked back into the apartment, donuts in hand, Ryan assumed I was a heavily armed killer. Lucky for him, the only heat I was packing was my single hot donut AND I was ready to share.

We split two for breakfast (and are saving the other two for dessert tonight).  The Maple Bacon was mind-boggling. I didn’t see any bacon… but I tasted it in the frosting drizzle. And it tasted like a savory salty creaminess, one which I’ve never experienced before.  I didn’t taste as much of the maple, but it was still delicious.

The star of our morning, though, was the strawberry fennel. HOW DO THEY MAKE THE PINK STRAWBERRY FENNEL CRYSTALS OF GOODNESS?!?!!? This is a mystery to me, a delicious mystery that is best served warm and split with a loved one while catching up on your favorite cartoons.

FedNuts opens its Sansom location officially on Wednesday morning, and you better BELIEVE I’ll be back soon. For donuts, yes, and to finally try some of their infamous fried chicken. Yes, donuts and chicken.  The healthiest, right? I never said I was a role model.

Can’t wait to try round two tonight….

Which flavors would you have chosen?

Beach Bunny!

Gooooood (rainy) morning, everyone!

It’s 8 a.m. and, as per, I’m the only one awake.  The life of an early bird…

This morning, I decided to be a team player and get donuts for the whole gang.  In our humble abode, the roster is currently as follows:

  • Jordan (that’s me!)
  • Ryan (the beau)
  • Mom and Dad
  • Somers, Connor, Hunter (nope, he’s in France! sacre bleu!) and Kiley (my siblings)
  • Jacki (Somers’ girlfriend)
  • Bally, Lorch, Sunny, Gilly, Beaver (Connor’s friends)
  • Rachel (my besty who surprised us last night with an impromptu decision to spend the next two days with us!!)

Clearly, it’s a full house (14 was the final count) so I picked up 2 dozen of the most delicious donuts known to mankind at Brown’s.

Truly a delicacy

Normally, the line is about 30 feet long for these warm, fried gooey treats, but today I got lucky that it was raining! (look on the bright side of life, right?)

Sweet, fried dough

They use the same machine as they have my whole life, and it’s a slow process, but the payoff is totally worth it.

I wanted to eat them all!

They come out piping hot and oozing with icing. Just how I like em…

On my way home, I  saw some beautiful scenery, including this party house:

Not Pictured: The tent in the driveway with beer bottles all over.

Either they were getting the day started very early (this shot was taken at 7:15 am) or they passed out before cleaning things up.  I’m hoping the latter, but I know how some folks like to party…

I also caught this little fella in the act:


Sneaky beach bunny was nibbling my neighbor’s flowers!!  I love to see bunnies at the beach, especially because Ocean City’s an island, and I imagine them swimming over.

Well, the other folks of the household are starting to stir, so I’m off to give them the fruits of my adventure.

After I get my fair share, of course.

Donuts are for lovers.

How do you like your donuts, warm or cold?

What do you do on a rainy day at the beach?

Maybe we’ll see a movie… Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend!