A Night at Wonderland (Pier)

Fact: The worst thing about moving is everything.

Scenes from the weekend. Fun, right?

Packing boxes is no fun, no matter who you’re doing it with, and after a weekend of loading cars, driving to and from North Carolina, sweating in the heat, and the early stages of a cold, I was feeling a little worse for wear.  And then, like a fairy godmother, my buddy Claire fluttered down from North Jersey to sprinkle my night with joy. And, having spent the past two days with her, I figured I should share a bit of our trip to Wonderland.

In case you’re not from around these parts, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is the oldest amusement park in Ocean City. Considering there’s only one other (Playland), that’s not incredibly tough, but either way, it’s been a staple of my life as long as I can remember.  But then you get older, and your time on the boardwalk is spent scoping out dudes (or chicks or clothes or foods) and the rides can fall by the wayside.

Here’s a tip: Ditch the dudes, the funnel cakes, the neon colored tshirts – get thee to the rides, post-haste.

Keeping it classy

We couldn’t let ALL our adult vices go, though, so we started our evening with a nice sampling of some tasty craft beer, including this Hop Sun from Southern Tier. Though I’m not normally a fan of wheat beers, this brew was tart with an almost citrusy bite to it, and lacked some of the saccharine taste that I’m used to tasting in a lot of sweet wheat beers.  If you’re in the market for a refreshing summer beer, nab one.  Or a few, as we did.

After a few adult beverages, it was time to let the kids inside of us out to play.


Moneybags Claire picked up 25 tickets (a BARGAIN for $20 [sarcasm]), and we made a plan.  First up: The Musik Express.

Safety first, buckling up

We decided to stay in separate carts because, as you know if you’ve ever been on a Musik Express-type ride, if you’ve got more than one person in the cart, someone’s getting squished.


Though I did have a few buddies in my cart: my giant shins.

It was a WILD ride. Too fun, especially having the cart all to myself. We screamed like lunatics backwards and forwards, and came off a little loopy and ready for the next ride!


It’s not like the Ferris wheel is a petrifying thrill-ride, but man…. it does allow for quite the view of Ocean City, NJ.

Though it felt pretty romantic at the top, we somehow resisted making out (though I did see a few capsules a-rockin’… we did NOT go a-knockin’).

Afterwards, we made ourselves sick and dizzy on Wonderland’s version of the gravitron… We were the ONLY passengers on the ride.  Bonus: Yelling as loudly as we wanted, and dancing like fools throughout.

Bird’s eye view of the ABDUCTION! Scared yet?

We rounded the night out the only way I know how.

At The Henna Shop.

I can’t resist

I’ve mentioned it before, but I used to work every summer during college at the Ocean City Henna Shops, and I can’t help but go back and get the bottle in my hand now and then.

Letting the kid inside of me out to play was just what I needed to (momentarily) forget about the grown-up issues looming ahead and behind (moving! student loans! apartment hunting! HOORAY!)  Bonus? HENNA HAND!

What childhood past-times do you still enjoy?


Six Pack Sunday: Tuesday Edition

Ladies, gentlemen, and everything between: Life got in the way of blogging this week (with the exception being my Beach Bunny donut journey post).  Accustomed to having the entire summer to soak up the sun, sand, and all the glory of OCNJ, America’s Greatest Family Resort (I believe this statement 118%), when I can only go on a few select weekends living 400 miles away, I try to jam-pack all the fun I can.  Since I don’t want to bore you with every miniscule detail of my trip (false: I really do wanna bore you with it, but I’m too considerate to explain my deep thoughts on Monkey Bread vs. Kohr Bros [team Monkey 4 LYFE!]), it only made sense to sum things up with a (belated) Six Pack Sunday Tuesday.

Six Pack Sunday: This time, it’s Personal Tuesday

  1. My best friend surprised us all on Saturday night by making an impromptu trip to the shore house.  I waited on the porch for her, and greeted the girl the only way I know how:

    One for me, One for Rach!


    Clearly, she was excited for the photog-attack.

    Rachel is one of the most inspiring humans I know, having been diagnosed with breast cancer at the insanely young age of 23.  Through the countless 71 doctor appointments (just fact checked with her), a double mastectomy, and never once dropping the ball as she finished every class at Pennyslvania College of Optometry and is about a year away from being a Doctor of Eyeballs.  Every time we’re together, it’s like we’re 11 again, and I love that she brings that out in me.

    Beach babes!

  2. I got the most amazing ring that I’ve ever owned on the boardwalk.  The Spot on the OCNJ boardwalk is normally much too trendy for me.  Trendy, of course, pairing nicely with expensive.  But, sometimes you see something you can’t pass up. You ask a stranger for a coupon. And you walk out wearing this:

    Tentacles + Bling = My new hotness

    Needless to say, I only took it off to apply sunscreen.

  3. Rogue hairs.  We’ve all had them.  They are normally a single freakishly long body hair somewhere like the arm, the neck, or, in some very rare occasions, on your back right by your armpit.

    Ahhhh!! MUTANT HAIR!!

    Thanks to Rachel’s keen eye, we found it before the night’s activities began on Sunday.  Which brings me to my next point…


    The Trail Mix Sampler by Tommyknocker Brewery, brought to you me and Rachel by our fabulous sommelier of suds:

    Thank you, fine sir.

    I’ll be honest, we didn’t do a formal review of them all, it was more of an impromptu tasting.  But there were definitely highlights (and, alas, lowlights) to this trail mix taste fest!

    Tiny Cups + lotsa chips = ingredients for a perfect pre-party sipping soiree!

    The lowlights: Jack Whacker Wheat Ale and Ornery Amber (though this site calls it Vienna Amber?) were my least favorite. Partly due to the fact that they didn’t really taste very good, but more because they were ones that I expected the most flavor from and actually delivered the least.

    The highlights: Maple Nut Brown Ale was Rachel’s favorite, just as she expected, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fond I was of this chocolatey, nutty beer.  My favorite was the Alpine Glacier Pilsner Lager, another surprise as I very rarely go for the Pilsners…  Fresh and flavorful, it was a winner.

    My favorites in order (left = winner, right = no thanks.)

    All in all, not my favorite six-pack as a whole, but there were definitely a few tasty brews, worth checking this brewery out if you’re able to get some/near Idaho Springs, Colorado.

  5. Thanks to a post by Anne of fANNEtastic food, I was inspired to volunteer to whip up some tasty dessert for the family BBQ. All it took was 2 packages of fresh strawberries, Tollhouse Premier White Chocolate Morsels, and a bottle of bright blue sugar crystals.  Melt that chocolate, dip those strawberries, then dive them right into the blue.  Red, white, and blue stripes.  Fresh and sweet, so delicious.

    USA!! (United Strawberries of America)

    Thanks to Anne, these treats were the MVP of the night.  Maybe I’m biased, but this tray (toted around by Ryan, my beau!) was wolfed down faster than you can sing “God Bless America!”

    Whoah, whoah, plenty to go around!

  6.  My patriotic bathing suit, which I have (painstakingly) been saving since I got it my first Six Pack Sunday was a total hit.

    Stars, stripes, and sisters (from different misters)

    I also spent the second half of the 4th of July rocking my new Ole Miss shirt by School House that I purchased at their sample sale a few weeks back!  So much patriotism.

    Ole Miss, by Damn!

    And, since I’m two days late, here’s two other random bits…

  7. Weirdest parts of the weekend?

    Salon by Jordan

    Washing a friend’s hair before we rushed off to see the fireworks and….  maybe some other late night shenanigans happened on the beach late at night.

    Piles of clothes on the sand near the ocean? Bare legs? Your guess is as good as mine...

    Oh, hijinx.

  8. Fireworks.  They were gorgeous, and I observed them with almost religious reverance, only instead of shouting out AMEN when the spirit moved me, I hollered out different names (none official).  My favorites: Golden showers, the dirty olive (green with a tiny red circle inside), Saturn’s Disco (with the ring around it), and Glitter Shots (which should speak for themselves.)

    The most beautiful part of the weekend.

    Fireworks are my favorite things, and any holiday that features them is A-OK with me.  Hence: the 4th is always my favorite.

To continue the patriotism that is my life, I think I’ll go watch the tail end of some 24 and hit the hay REALLLL early tonight.

How were your 4th celebrations? Or Canada Day?

Do you like fireworks or, like my puppies, are you petrified of them?

Beach Bunny!

Gooooood (rainy) morning, everyone!

It’s 8 a.m. and, as per, I’m the only one awake.  The life of an early bird…

This morning, I decided to be a team player and get donuts for the whole gang.  In our humble abode, the roster is currently as follows:

  • Jordan (that’s me!)
  • Ryan (the beau)
  • Mom and Dad
  • Somers, Connor, Hunter (nope, he’s in France! sacre bleu!) and Kiley (my siblings)
  • Jacki (Somers’ girlfriend)
  • Bally, Lorch, Sunny, Gilly, Beaver (Connor’s friends)
  • Rachel (my besty who surprised us last night with an impromptu decision to spend the next two days with us!!)

Clearly, it’s a full house (14 was the final count) so I picked up 2 dozen of the most delicious donuts known to mankind at Brown’s.

Truly a delicacy

Normally, the line is about 30 feet long for these warm, fried gooey treats, but today I got lucky that it was raining! (look on the bright side of life, right?)

Sweet, fried dough

They use the same machine as they have my whole life, and it’s a slow process, but the payoff is totally worth it.

I wanted to eat them all!

They come out piping hot and oozing with icing. Just how I like em…

On my way home, I  saw some beautiful scenery, including this party house:

Not Pictured: The tent in the driveway with beer bottles all over.

Either they were getting the day started very early (this shot was taken at 7:15 am) or they passed out before cleaning things up.  I’m hoping the latter, but I know how some folks like to party…

I also caught this little fella in the act:


Sneaky beach bunny was nibbling my neighbor’s flowers!!  I love to see bunnies at the beach, especially because Ocean City’s an island, and I imagine them swimming over.

Well, the other folks of the household are starting to stir, so I’m off to give them the fruits of my adventure.

After I get my fair share, of course.

Donuts are for lovers.

How do you like your donuts, warm or cold?

What do you do on a rainy day at the beach?

Maybe we’ll see a movie… Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend!

Shore Thing

Good morning and happy long weekend friends and lovahs!

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Ocean City, New Jersey, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  Earlier, at Wawa, it really hit me.

Nectar of the Gods.

I. Have. Arrived.

Right now, the smells of breakfast are filling the air as my mother balances enough eggs, bacon, Taylor pork roll, and everything bagels to feed a small army.  As I’m one of seven in this family, and we all have friends and significant others in town, we basically are a tiny (and poorly equipped, unless you count iPhones) army. We need fuel to fight off the hoards of folks at the actual beach, and make sure we get efficient space to spread out.  Earlier today, we picked up some essentials Boyar’s Market, the most quaint little market I’ve seen on the island since Palermo’s.  And I’m well aware that 98% of you have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s a super fierce picture of my mom walking back into the market to get some soft pretzels (oh Philly area, give me all your foods):

Ah, Shelly, just looking for some pretzels in this big, mixed up world.

Since I have some time before we eat breakfast, I figured now was as good a time as any to thank Lindsay over at In Sweetness and In Health for tagging me with a fun survey/award!  Hopefully, this will give you some deep, personal knowledge of the most important aspects of my life (read: cartoon characters I’m fond of and what I’ll be reading on the beach.

1. Favorite Cartoon Character:

Without a doubt, Daria.  She inspired my years of teenage angst, I remember long hours spent in front of the television watching her and Jane’s antics, giving googly eyes to Trent (Jane’s hottie older brother), and thinking that the Morgendorffer family was the funniest to the hit the small screen.

You're standing on my neck.

2. Favorite Thing to Photograph:

Friends and events, absolutely.  I’ll admit, my camera is a baby point and shoot, nothing too fancy.  It looks a lot like this:

Never far from my grasp.

But honestly, I feel like I have gotten decent at taking the pictures of me/my friends with my long, orangutan arms.

Jojo and Kiki... and the best cupcakes EVER! (not really.)

RyBaby and Jojo... and BEER!

Mother Daughter Bathroom Pic. Class Acts.

I think that a nice camera might be at the top of my birthday list (August 24, mark your calendars, folks!  I’ll be pre-celebrating at the Healthy Living Summit in Philly).  Until then, I’ll be happy being the documenter of all things fun.

3. Favorite Thing to Cook:


Griddle GIrl

 4. Favorite Way to Exercise:

Group fitness classes are my JAM!  Les Mills classes that I love include Attack, Pump, Jam, and Combat.

5. Favorite Movie:

Dazed and Confused or Romeo + Juliet

Oh, Leo! I bet you kiss by the book...

6. Favorite Clothing:

For a while, when I had a bit more jelly in my belly and size on my thighs, leggings were all I wore.  I don’t even think I had a pair of pants that weren’t made with over 50% elastic…  Nowadays, though, my favorite clothing might have to be dresses.  Especially with pockets.

Though I always thought I looked rather fetching in a skydiving jumpsuit…


7. Favorite Flower:

Birds of Paradise, hands down.  My parents go me some for Graduation and I just melted with love.  Since then, it’s grown into a full fledged adoration.

8. Favorite Breakfast:

Not to copy off of Lindsay, but french toast is (quite literally) my bread and butter.

9. Favorite Book:

Too many to count!! but I am a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan, and would say my favorite book of his was Invisible Monsters.  So intense, so gory, so gritty and so great.

10. Least Favorite Food:

Ugh.  Maybe any meat that’s boiled?  Drawing a blank on this, but alas, my OTHER favorite breakfast is cooked, so I’m off to eat it before the wolves (my brothers) gobble it down!!

Enjoy your day, wherever you are, get sexy in your bikinis and board shorts, get so much sunshine, and come back with lots of stories!!