Ladies Craft Beer Attire: Beer Couture

Mmm… that’s better.

I’m fresh out of my massage (courtesy of the Healthiest You Challenge), having just enjoyed a tasty deconstructed omelet (translation: I messed up mid-flip. It was still tasty). After a rough evening last night struggling to sleep thanks to that nap I “absolutely needed”, I’m looking forward to hitting the hay pretty early this evening.  But before I go, I wanted to discuss something I’m wildly fond of: Ladies Craft Beer Gear.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Six Pack Sunday, I am a fashionista. One that primarily rocks jorts and beer t-shirts. And while I’m content with your average classic t-shirt style (I can always snip them into something sexy with some inspiration from Pinterest), I had the good fortune to see some of craft beer’s fanciest finery this weekend at the Beer City Festival in Asheville, NC.  Real talk, there were some well-dressed ladies enjoying the festival, pouring, and generally looking fierce. And while not every brewery has embraced fashionable swag options for their lady beer enthusiasts, I’ve found a number that embody everything I want in some lady clothes. Appealing to the eye, looks comfortable, fits our uniquely womanly shapes… And it only makes sense to share my research so that all of my fellow females can dress the part of a craft beer lover.

Lagunitas Brewing Company’s online shop offers a number of lovely options. But my favorite was actually a hand-painted shirt I saw one of the Lagunitas Ladies wearing this Saturday.

Click image to check out the shirt/buy!

Beautiful color, hand-painted, adorable v-neck… It’s just everything a girl could ask for!

Mother Earth Brewery from Kinston, NC just released their newest beer swag…. That’s right: ATHLETIC SHORTS!

Click image to go to their store!

Even though the shorts aren’t yet available online, I’m doing my best to get a pair of the navy ones (if I can squeeze my booty into an American Apparel size XL which is the equivalent of a children’s size 14). The Mother Earth logo is gorgeous, I’d be proud to wear any of their gear, but the shorts…. I just can’t.

The next item might be a bit familiar to y’all.

Oh, hey there St. Patty’s Day!

Brooklyn Brewery’s v-neck shirt is one of my favorite shirts that I even own. It’s super flattering, very comfortable, and looks GREAT with a pair of jorts.

That’s really what I look for in any clothing.

If you hate sleeves and need to show off your guns, why not try Big Boss Brewery’s sexy tank top?

Too cute

Since I love just about every one of Big Boss’ beers, I can support any of their other shirts on their site. This one’s just my favorite.

Oskar Blues actually has a GREAT selection of cute, lady-friendly clothing items.  But, when you feel the need to channel your inner Flashdance, there’s only one option.

Click image to buy the shirt!


I know. Dale’s Pale Ale is tasty to boot, so you can’t go wrong with this top.

I never knew about Schlafly until Hannah sent me a Pumpkin Beer (which I loved) but their Biere de Garde top has me totally convinced that they must be a girl’s best friend.

Click image to go to store

The vintage wash and scoop neck are my favorite parts, but obviously the logo is a perfect location if you feel like people aren’t looking at your left breast enough.

If this Dogfish Head Patagonia Graviti Hoody wasn’t $79, I’d have 4 of them… Which would be weird since they only come in two colors, but seriously, it’s THAT cool.

The ridiculously good looking model doesn’t hurt

I love a good zip-up.

For another hoodie that is a little more relaxed and destroyed in appearance, look no further than Abita’s Abbey Ale Hoodie.

Click image to go to store

While the color isn’t my favorite, it’d be great around a campfire, or a cool night with a pair of jeans. Or jorts, if it isn’t TOO cool of a night.

Are all of these covering your sexy body up too much?

I understand, and so does Lonerider.

Click image to go to store

Craft beer thongs are the new black.  You heard it here first.

Ladies: Which of these clothing items would YOU want? OR, if you don’t see one you like, what would be your perfect piece of beer (or wine, or liquor) gear?

Fellows: Would you wanna see any of these on your ladies?





Six Pack Sunday: A Day Late for Labor Day

Hey there all, happiest of Labor (or not-very-much-labor) Days to you and yours!

Yesterday, after tackling some big girl tasks, I decided to enjoy a little less grown-up fun.

Trashy mags and froyo for lunch? Don't mind if I do.

I parked it at Sweet Frog, not my NUMBER ONE ALL-TIME FAVORITE froyo place in the area but a little closer than Tutti Frutti (which is my favorite) and an acceptable substitution when I need my fix.

Oh, and on my way home, I spotted this little signage:

Moonberries? Really? God, the name of these yogurt places are always ridiculous.

Spotted outside of the Target near Southpoint in Durham, moonberries  is apparently “coming soon.” Well, color me excited.

ANYWAY, all that froyo eating plum tuckered me out. So here’s this weeks’ Six Pack Sunday: A Day Late (it’s the holiday, people).

1. Know your customer

Nailed it, Target.

XBox 360, meet Doritos. Doritos and XBox 360, meet the favorite combination of your clientele. Gotta give Target major credit for this one, as it actually made me laugh mid-shopping, imagining my brothers (and boyf, at that) seeing both of these, lighting up, and clearing the shelves. Yum.

2. Coconut oil = COCONUT Oil

Having used the medjool dates I got from Swanson Health Products before to make some pretty sweet carrot cake-balls in the past, I decided it was finally time to whip out the coconut oil I also received from them.  I used it to make one of my best good karma omelets to-date.

2 egg whites, 1 yolk, 2 slices of low sodium turkey, tomato, green pepper, spinach, sprinkle of cheese

Coconut oil, Live, in the Flesh (er.... jar?)

I know many folks who use coconut oil for baking and honestly, I think that might be the way to go. I’m a HUGE coconut fan in all things (froyo, macaroons, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain [of coconut shreds]). But the taste of coconut in this omelet was a little off-putting. Luckily, it was nothing a little smattering veritable flood  of Frank’s Red Hot couldn’t cope with.

Are you interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review on your own blog? Then check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.

3. A little SWAG goes a long way

I gave that Barney Butter an A+... and a hotel key, for later.


So this week, I enjoyed quite a few little bits and pieces leftover from my HLS swag bag. Highlights included the Barney Butter Almond butter packet with an apple snagged from the hotel I stayed at during my Winston-Salem trip and the Roasted-Red Pepper/Basil Quinoa/Rice mix from Near East. Not a HUGE eater of either of these products, they were both delicious enough to make me wanna go out and try them again.



Spotted about 1/6 of a mile from the grocery store, these carts were clearly trying to make an escape. Sick of carting around other people’s foods, I’m pretty certain they were trying to venture to the woods both to connect with nature and to forage for nuts and berries.

I wish them luck in all their endeavors, and give them serious credit for getting as far as they did by the early evening.

5. Deal of the Day

Spotted at the Target near Southpoint!

Harvest Time by Big Boss, as I’ve mentioned before, is maybe my favorite pumpkin ale. And Target was selling 6-packs for basically pennies (not Bad Penny, though, which is a mis-label). And so, of course, I picked up a pack. Target has a tendency of occasionally having CRAZY low, random prices on beers (once we got 36 Coors Lights for $15. I know, I know, Coors Light, but a deal’s a deal.)

I may go back for another today. I love it that much.

6. Summer of Riesling Farewell Party (of one.)

Farewell, summer!

Though I spent most of this summer having my own personal “Summer of Great Beer”, I figured I should end the Summer of Riesling 2011  with a Bang. And a bottle of Bogle. Not light enough for my liking, but drinkable. And a great way to enjoy a pre-game Friday night featuring my nearest and dearest friends.

Yup. The Cast of Degrassi. (click for Source)

Some might say that obsessively/compulsively watching Canadian teen dramas about high school students 7-9 years my junior is crazy. To them, I only have one statement:

It goes there.

If only we all lived our lives like the cast of Degrassi…..

Anything fun going on for your Labor Day?

It’s raining here, but that won’t keep me away from my buddy’s BBQ.

Have you ever watched Degrassi? OR any other teen dramas compulsively? 

No shame in that game, I watch ’em all.