Luchadoras Attack Durham

I know, the title of this post is a bit misleading. I mentioned it in this week’s Six Pack Sunday so, if you read it, you already probably know that there weren’t actually droves of female masked wrestlers attacking innocent strangers on the mean streets of the Dirty D.

There were, however, some gorgeous masked ladies who invaded the ring at Motorco, one of Durham’s most unique and excellent venues. Serving quite a number of yummy beers, craft and otherwise, this music hall hosts everything from aerial performers to local bands to viewings of cult classics like The Big Lebowski. On Saturday, starting at noon, they went in a different route: Durham’s first Luchadoras extravaganza.  For $5, with all of the proceeds going toward grassroots food justice efforts in Durham, NC, how could I say no?

Going wild!

The folks of Durham came out en masse to cheer on these masked misses, and after grabbing two beers, Ryan and I joined the horde.  The first battle paired up two ladies , and the story was that one… maybe poisoned the friend of another…. who wanted to demask the first… for honor and shame?

I’ll be honest, the Legends behind the Luchadoras are complicated, dramatic, and crazy!! There’s so much intrigue and, considering most of the names were in another language, I struggled to keep up.

Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish.

After watching the villainess get demasked and shouting SHAAAAAMEEEE with my fellow enthusiasts, it was  time for a little audience participation.  The announcers, who were hype and hilarious (and struggled to not laugh at the whole shebang themselves), called for 4 female volunteers to come up to the stage.  There were a couple of quiet minutes as everyone looked at one another, wondering what it was for and why they needed these ladies?  Body painting? Date auction? Virgin sacrifice?

Of course, I waltzed up to the stage. How could I say no to one of those options?

Advance apologies for bad picture quality...

After placing the four women in the ring on each corner, they announced that we’d be battling it out for a handmade luchadoras mask of our very own!  At this point, the gloves came off. Well, in my case, the glasses did, as I handed them to a friendly stranger on the side for safe keeping.

God as my witness, I was going to get that mask.

Luckily, my three opponents were itty bitty women. I’d say none was taller than 5’6″, weighing no more than 130 lbs soaking wet. Realistically, they didn’t stand a chance.

As the mask dropped on the ring, our bodies hit the floor. I knew I had a quality grasp on the mask right when I touched it, but so did at least two other women. My strategy? Box them out with my body.  This involved (but was not limited to):

  • Rolling around
  • Trying to flip my butt on them
  • Jamming my shoulder into their body
  • Creating a body cocoon around the mask, forcing the women to get too close to me, feel awkward, and let go

I’m not sure which was the straw that broke the lucha’s back, but the last woman finally dropped and I was declared the winner.

WINNAH!! (Pictured with Juicy Booty)

To the victor goes the spoils: A killer luchadoras mask and pride that spans a lifetime.

Battle Scars

Also to the victor go the wounds: scratches on the neck, 3 nail digs on the knuckles, a really sore neck and TWO earrings yanked out.

We weren’t messing around.

I also must not forget the fact that I pretty much mooned the entire crowd. Since I wasn’t planning on battling for honor, I may have mistakenly rocked a pair of super low-rise skinny jeans which did a great job of sneaking below the crack quite a few times.

At least I was wearing cute undies?

Smack that booty!

These women were totally bad@ss. They were exciting, they were dramatic, and I’d be lucky to be in their ranks.  Which is why I gave the “scout” my card, in case he needs La Glamazon to come put some princesses in their places.

At least he knows I can take a beating.

Ever been in a physical fight?

How do you feel about professional wrestling?

Six Pack Sunday: Laughter, Lager, and Luchadoras

Good afternoon, campers!!

It’s Sunday and, though I spent last night relaxing, my neck and booty are incredibly sore.  More on that in a moment.

This weekend was particularly special because my beau, Ryan, decided to semi-surprise me by visiting!!  It was such a treat to have him back in our little nest and we managed to have a stellar weekend so far.  The major points of this weekend that will be featured in the Six Pack Sunday for the week? Laughter, lager, and luchadoras.

1. Yeti: It’s what’s for dinner?

Gotta keep that yeti from spoiling

We spotted this little gem outside of the local grocery store. And I couldn’t help but snap a shot, probably because of the mental picture that I got after seeing it. Imagine a young hunter killing her first Yeti. She wanted to bring it home, and was nervous it would spoil before she could tote it back for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Thank goodness she picked up the specialized Yeti Cooler: Now, with more space for chunks of yeti than EVER BEFORE.

Hilarious to me. Ryan was less amused.

2.  Toast King Queen

Cheers to the freaking weekend?

I’m a pretty generous lady with my toasts, apparently, as identified by my newest badge on Untappd  (friend me!) I have to wonder, though, if there’s any way that Untappd could make gender specific badges. It’d probably be a little extra work on the front end, but I’ll admit, I wish that I was badged the “Toast Queen” badge instead of the Toast King.

Just saying, Untappd, as noted by all those Girls’ Pint Out chapters popping up, ladies are drinking (and toasting) a lot, too!! Show us some love?

3. Luchadoras Lovin’

Hard Earned Mask? Get on my level.

I’ll save most of the gory details from this event for another post…. but I fought 3 women in a ring to earn my own luchadoras mask. And I haven’t ever been so sore from a 2 minute event in my life. Even though none of the other women were more than 5’6″ (I’m estimating), they fought like little ankle-biters. It was a rough battle, but Jordan came out on top.

I also may have mooned the entire crowd.

Note to self: Low-rise jeans are NOT the best attire for a wrestling match.

4. Sam Adams Chocolate Cherry Bock!

Smooth and delightful!

Rockfish’s Rare Beer Fridays are managing to make me a twice-a-week regular at the bar.  And this week’s tapping was Sam Adams’ Chocolate Cherry Bock!  I’ve never actually even tried their Chocolate Bock  before, but this beer (as my friend, Michael pointed out) tasted just like a chocolate covered cherry. And, while that may not be up some beer drinkers’ alleys, it was like a decadent dessert for me.  Loved it, though I probably couldn’t drink many more than the one!!

5. Draft & Dogs!

Chorizo Dog for m'lady?

If you live in the Triangle area, GET TO DRAFT! Located in Raleigh, this spot is known for it’s burgers and beers. But I went for cheers and chorizo.  This dog was only $6, and was made of chorizo with chimichurri & grilled peppers.  Also, on Wednesday, their giant pilsner glasses are only $5!  Since I live pretty far away, I only enjoyed the one beer and the dog, but it was a delight on my palate!

Mmmm beer.

6. True Love


Did I mention that Ryan offered to be my trainer for all future wrestling matches?

Nothing says love quite like a grapple rope shoulder slam combo.