Big Girl Things

Hey there y’all! I’ve been MIA the past two days (minus that hilarious ducky video) due to hijinx in Chapel Hill for UNC’s first Football Game!.  We had a FANTASTIC first game, spanking the James Madison Dukes 42-10. I’ve got plenty to say about that in a different post, but today’s topic is much more grown-up than that!!

Maturity. I have it.

All that tasty tailgate food filled me up yesterday, so I decided to take it easy this morning with a delicious breakfast sandwich.

Cinnamon raisin bagel thin, smattering of cheese, Morningstar Sausage patty, and fried egg!

The Morningstar Hot and Spicy Sausage patties are my jam lately. I love the extra kick from the crushed red peppers in the ingredient list, and pairing it with a sweet bagel thin and the savory egg was a perfect way to start my morning.

I needed the fuel because I had some serious tasks to attack this morning (which blended into the afternoon as well).

  • Hang up my Jellyfish tapestry (given to me by my mother!)
  • Clean out my closet/shelves and even the spacing out (no boy in the house = DOUBLE CLOSET SPACE!!) (But truly I miss the heck outta him.)
  • Set up my TV
Each of these were very intimidating tasks that I’ve been putting off but I knew this day would be perfect.
One by one, I knocked them out, starting with the easiest.

Jellyfish: HUNG!

This lovely piece is now hanging proudly above my fireplace thanks to a 59 cent wooden dowel from Michael’s.

Up next, a much scarier project to tackle….  My clothes.

I have way more clothes than I probably need and, because of that, can get away with not doing laundry super often. When I DO get on a laundry kick, though, I do it on a massive scale. Once the clothes are clean, though, it’s the putting away that I tend to put off.  3 loads later, I had piles of clothes all over the floor/couch/chairs. This was a biggie.

Sooo organized (relatively.)

Shirts on the right, dresses on the left, other random stuff scattered about. It’s a work in progress, but a HUGE improvement from the clothing war-zone (complete with shirt shrapnel).

Finally, technology.

Wait, what now? I thought these things were supposed to come built. Or with some tech savvy elf that handles the construction.

Armed only with a screwdriver (my only tool in the entire apartment. Note to self: get on that!) I opened up the four different sets of directions (each more confusing looking than the last). I finally found one that was just pictures, and decided that was right up my alley.

Well, one episode of Mad Men later (viewed on my computer, of course), TA DA!!

Don't act like you're not impressed. And sorry about that glare, but I was in a hurry to post!!

I still need to get a few cables in order to really watch TV BUT baby steps, right?

All sorts of big girl things are going on in my neck of the woods, but I think this is a good start.

Now onto some more “big girl things”. Like shopping and getting froyo.

Baby steps.

Any big things going on in your life? Big decisions? Moves? School? DISH!

Microwave Titration: Office Hardships

Here’s the thing: I dont remember much about high school chemistry class.  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Arensberg, my friend has a seizure in the middle of one class, and we did an experiment with titration.  Just because I remember that I did that experiment, I couldn’t tell you what titration means.  I vaguely recall, though, that it involved messing with one beaker, and then another, trying to get the right balance of fluid into a bigger beaker.  My chemistry major whizkid boyfriend is going to hate this post so much.

Titration is not.... you can't just make up definitions for.... nevermind.

Yup, just call me Jordan Nye the Science Guy. (Fun Fact: I met Bill Nye when I was in college, he visited UNC.  Less Fun Fct: He was a total asshole.  Seriously, not nice at all.) 

That’s all beyond the point.  What I’m getting at, is that the act of adding some from one beaker and some from another always sat with me as how titration works. And I feel as though, every day I use the microwaves at work, I’m doing my own little chemistry experiment.  Only, instead of trying to balance liquies from two beakers, I am trying to balance out the power of two different microwaves in the office.

In the red corner, we have this little gem:

Heater of all foods good.

This microwave is the jack of all trades. It can toast, it can nuke, and it does it all without burning anything.  My food always emerges hot, not crusty, there are often treats on top (such as chocolate chip cookies or chocolate frogs like I saw yesterday!!)  It’s a beautiful thing to walk over there, and my popcorn never stinks up the office by burning.  Sometimes, when I’m waiting for my popcorn, I do wallsits by this microwave.  I love it.

Then, in the blue corner, we have this eyesore:


This. Microwave. Sucks. It turns frozen meals into hard as rock, inedible blocks, it burns the living daylights out of popcorn, and I constantly have to change the length of time as well as the power level.  And on those rare occasions when I am cooking a veggie patty in one, and want to make steamed veggies in the other… I have to choose which gets the demon (or wait 8 minutes to eat instead of 4). 

Today, the Morningstar Grillers Chik’n Patty had the shame of being put in the demon.  I had to watch it like a hawk and, even still, the edges got a little burnt/crisper than I usually like.  Despite my best efforts, it was not my finest work, but I avoided the great Lean Cuisine Rock that happened in 2010 (seriously, I couldn’t pull the enchilada from the rice… it was bad.)
Salvaged meal

Chicken patty slathered in laughing cow blue cheese and Frank’s Red hot (A favorite sandwich combo of mine)! The vegetables, of course, were perfect.  Corn, carrots, peas, and green beans.  I rounded things off with a sugar-free jello cup, and I get a feeling I’ll be sneaking over to that beautiful microwave of treats to sneak a cookie… or the head of that frog!!

Until then, I’ll leave the titration to the beau.  I’ll take care of everything else… especially of looking classy.

Don’t worry. I got this.

What’s for your lunch today?

How are the facilities at your office when it comes to whipping up a tasty meal?