The Hunt for ThanksgivWiches #2: Nick’s Old City

Ok, to recap:

It’s time to look into something a bit more permanent…. Enter: Nick’s Roast Beef Bar and Grille in Old City!

I’ll shoot you straight: I’ve never actually been past the front bar area of Nick’s. I actually didn’t even know more of the establishment existed…. But if you walk past the bar, full of regulars watching the game (which game? THE GAME!) or a handful of bros loading up on cheap drinks during happy hour, you’ll reach a handful of tables just waiting for some hungry patrons.

And if you look closely at your menu, hearing the whisper of a gobble in your subconscious, you’ll spot this:


Come to mama.

Thanksgiving All Year Long? It’s like they heard my prayers. This ThanksgivWich is offered… well…. all year long. And, thus far, it tastes closest to what I imagine from a genuine leftovers sandwich made by your dad on Black Friday while you’re sitting on the couch and ask for something to eat.


Thanks, Dad. Err… I mean… Nick’s.

This turkey is moist as hell. And that’s saying something, mostly because I (much like many of my peers) don’t like the word moist. The cranberry sauce wasn’t any of that fancy schmancy stuff. Nope. I imagine it was from a can. It probably came out in the shape of the can.


The stuffing was a pinch on the dryer side, but that’s where the kicker came in….


Cup of gravy the size of your sandwich? Sure.

Yup, that black little cuppa was chock full of gravy. I dipped. I poured. It got messy (just as any good Thanksgiving meal would [wait, what?])

Sure, the gravy could’ve been a bit thicker, the stuffing a bit less dry, and the kaiser roll, while doughy and delicious, resulted in a messy consumption experience. BUT served with a side of Nick’s infamous curly fries (Side Notewhy aren’t these offered EVERYWHERE?!), I gotta say this tasted the most like something put together at home. And, during the rest of the year when ThanksgivWiches aren’t popping up all over the city, it’s good to know Nick’s will offer this staple all year long!