Twist and Shout

Happy lunchtime, y’all!!

This post will be a brief one, as I have loads of packing to do for the weekend!!  Knocking that checklist down, slowly but surely.

That being said, today’s workout was an early morning one, my favorite kind!  I headed over to the gym a little before 7 am for my favorite BodyAttack class at O2 Fitness .  The instructor, Javier, is FANTASTIC and always manages to pump me up despite it being over an hour before my average wake-up call.  Today, though, did not go as smoothly as usual.

My workout looked like this:

Notice anything different?

About 15 minutes into the workout, during a little ski jump agility action, I twisted my right ankle.  Sort of like this:

You know what that feels like, right? MISERY!

Having broken that food in 10th grade (and the other foot 6 years later), I knew not to mess around so the second I twisted it, I fell to the ground, hobbled over to the side, grabbed my stuff, and left.

I finished the workout with some weights, situps/ab work, and even some pushups (hear that Michelle?! I’m trying!!) Here’s proof that I did pushups for once in my life without an instructor demanding them of me:

The proof is in the BEAUTIFUL picture!

I was feeling particularly snarky at the gym after twisting my ankle, when I saw the posters that encourage me to join a group fitness class.  And I decided that would make a hilarious blog post.  So expect it on the horizon, because sometimes… Jordan’s just gotta be rude and bwitchy.

Breakfast was provided by Meghann and Attune Foods from winning on the Healthy Living Summit blog.


The Uncle Sam cereal is delicious, I loveee the flax seeds in it, and it pairs nicely with some blueberries.

Ok, off to pack!!

Ever had a workout related injury?