Top 6 Toilet Tips for Frequent Trips

TGIT(hursday) *y’all!

Glad to see that some of you were intrigued or interested by the Crème Brûlée by Southern Tier! I know it was a little early in the day for a beer post, but it’s a dessert beer so it all works out, right? Right.

Anyway, today marks my first day back on the Weight Watchers plan. After doing some calculations, and beep bopping some numbers, I learned that my allotted Points + total is 32 for the day. With a tasty (and boring) breakfast of cereal and almond milk and a most delicious salad, with dessert, I’m up to 10 points so far.

Classic 6 point salad

I was surprised at how much cheese really is in 1/4 cup, and think that I don’t really need that in the future. Good to know.

When I first started my Weight Watchers journey back in March of 2010, I realized that I was drinking a LOT more water.  I know it’s great to stay hydrated and I was exercising much more, and because it filled me up. Oh, and everyone else that I talked to raved about the benefits of chugging  64+ oz/day.  So other than my desk, this became my most frequently visited spot in the office:

Featuring my neon pink water cup.

As a result, this was the third most frequent spot I visited:

Yup, the bathroom. Featuring my neon pink OUTFIT!

With a bladder the size of a shot glass, I spend more time visiting the little girls room than I ever have. I probably wake up to use the restroom at least 3x every night. It’s actually a bit of a pain.

In case others were feeling my pain, though, I decided to come up with my top ways of spending all that extra tinkle time.

1. Find the Shape in the Cloud

Oooh, fancy artwork.

So often, bathrooms feature very abstract artsy looking paintings and decorations. And sometimes, I find that a hilarious thing to do is approach them like one does when one is looking up at the clouds.

“Hey! Is that a ravioli in the flower? That one looks like an evil eye! Sweet, I see a clown!”

2. Makeover Madness!

Clearly, I take great care of my makeup.

When using the bathroom at home, why don’t you take a chance to practice that smokey eye you’ve been trying to master? Or perhaps practice your face painting because Halloween’s right around the corner! Get creative! There’s no reason that bathroom time can’t also be beautification time!

3. Angry Birds

Why so serious?

You know you do it. Smart Phones (or dumb phones, for that matter) were meant to be toted into the toilet room and played with. Why do you think they invented Snake?

Poor man's Angry Birds?

4. Familiarize Yourself with Febreze

Looks.... healthy.

Sure, you spray this around your house and bathroom when either is smelling “not so fresh”. But are you really familiar with the ingredients and risk? OR the Good Housekeeping awards it has won?

Febreze is your Friend. Get to know it better.

5. Mediate the Mess

Darn Junk Drawer

If you’re anything like me, the drawers in your bathroom are, by far, the craziest ones in the home. Take some time to remedy that by organizing the junk you’ve collected. Mine’s closer to the toilet than even the TP Roll, so why I haven’t done this one, I’ll never know. This one is clearly an example of me not practicing what I preach. Maybe next time.

6. Make lists of other things to do in the bathroom.

Because someone’s gotta do it.

I know I’m not the only one that slams 64-80 oz of water everyday, so share some love.

Do you have any mindless tasks you do on your countless trips to the bathroom?