Catching my Unicorn

Back to reality. ugh.

Driving away from the shore last night, I tweeted the following:

Leaving the shore feels a lot like what I imagine splitting your soul into a Horcrux or two.

Seriously, though, it breaks my heart every time, and the only good part about riding on that bridge away from where my family and heart is would have to be knowing that I’ll be able to come back again.  Maybe not for another month…. but I’ll be back.

At least the view's nice...

Lunch was actually a very warm welcome to reality, today, as I whipped up a random sort-of omelet (my omelet flipping skills are abysmal, at best).

Hey, appearance isn't everything!

Inside this eggy wonder:

  • 3 egg whites (and a teensy bit o’ yolk that escaped my clutches)
  • black beans
  • a bit o’ turkey
  • reduced fat mexican cheese blend
  • sauteed peppers
  • Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (original. don’t mess with the classic.)

Not too shabby.  I used a few Tostito’s Scoops to give a little crunch to the combo, and voila!  Basically as gourmet Mexican as Mez in Durham.

In other news, there was an amazing thing that happened this weekend other than silly hennas and perfect bike rides.  My mother presented me with this:

Heart palpitations when I see one of these (the box, but maybe also the Harry Potter book)

She had obviously read my recap of my amazing Nordstrom experience, but we also talk about Nordstrom on the reg.  We’re both kinda Nordy Girls (a term I just heard of and loved and will now use constantly whenever I can.)  So when she heard about the bag of my dreams, and saw the 4 picture messages I texted her… well, the way she explained it was this,

This is from your Ami and Buzz. Those were her parents, my grandparents. They had 8 children, and weren’t Daddy Warbucks rich, but they fully believed that if you saw something, and you loved it, and you thought about it all the time… Even if it was a little out of your financial reach, you should just get it.  You only live once, and it will be worth more than money if it makes you that happy.

Even more beautiful than the shiny Nordy box.

Inside was the Oryany Leather Flap Satchel from Nordstrom in Chocolate.  The exact bag that I’d described to my Nordstrom stylist as “my unicorn” in the sense of being out of reach (at least financially and for my budget).  The salesgirl responded with, “OH! because you love unicorns?”

No.(though I do, and used to collect them and still have a bunch.)

But that statement makes me sure that you’re meant to be at Nordstrom focusing on fashion instead of creating metaphors for handbags.  Leave that to me.

The bag of my dreams! (Next to the boy of my childhood dreams!)

I wasted no time in filling all the numerous pockets and compartments, then prancing around my room with it on.  It can fit my calendar, my Kindle DX, my wallet, phone, camera, lipgloss, lady stuff (yeahhhh, you know, like tampons and Chick Beer or something), a notepad, and I don’t even know what else because it’s not full!! It has two straps that close and a lock, so I feel like my stuff is very safe, and the handle on the top can transform it into a fashionable briefcase-esque bag.

It’s perfect.

A HUGE thanks to my tiny baby mommy, and (of course) Ami and Buzz, the woman and man who instilled in her a love for her children that always has her going out of her way to make their dreams come true.  Even if those dreams are unicorn bags.

15 thoughts on “Catching my Unicorn

  1. I feel the same way when I leave my mom’s in DE. Even though I lived more years in VA and PA, the DE/MD beaches will always be home to me. Love the bag! 😀

    • Thank you much, Krissie, I’m ob-sessed. Also, the only DE beach I ever went to that I remember was Lewes. During the winter. BLAST can’t compare too much with fond memories, but I heard Dewey’s rocking!

  2. Awesome gift! I agree, if I walk away and am still thinking about it a week or two later, it should be MINE!!!…. smart people those grandparents 🙂 …. That sales girl on the other hand. Haha! God just frowned at me for laughing at/with her….
    (I had to go check out the chick beer, ha!)

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