Microwaves vs. Crockpots: A Weight Watchers Metaphor

Good evening, y’all!!

Today, after work, I took a rest day, as I knew I would.  I spent some time at the grocery store, and came out with a KILLER haul due to sales and bogos.  25 dollhairs for all of this:

Hooray Grocery Goodies!

Well, actually, the box of wine glasses/glass of wine on the left was simply what I was drinking post-grocery store.  I did some cleaning, I drank some vino, and I watched some X-Men and continued to feel like a superhero. It was a true success.

For dinner, we had tacos. Well, I had some taco salad and the beau nibbled some true tacos.  It was a SEXY looking meal.


In the salad:

  • Spinach base
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1/2 avocado
  • spicy turkey mix
  • salsa
  • low fat mexi-mix cheese!

It was simply the best.

Tonight, I was thinking back on a post I read back in my tumblr days.  The idea was on weightloss and how folks are either microwaves or crockpots.  This post, by the Active Artist, (real name: Alex) basically talked about how different folks lose weight incredibly fast (microwaves) or slow and steady (crockpots).  Please read the post to see his opinion (I don’t wanna sum it up wrong) but here’s my response.

I love this analogy.  I’ve recently been talking a lot about weight loss to my mother, who started my journey with me last March, but fell off the wagon with grad school, five kids, a husband, and a veryyyy busy life to handle. She was asking me questions about losing the weight I did, and how I did it so fast.  However, I just looked back at some old posts and maybe have an addition to this metaphor.

In March, I started my goal to lose weight. By August 12th, I was 181.5, down over 30 lbs.  However, at my last weigh-in I was 172.  This is about 9 lbs since August, which just a month shy of a year ago. So while I lost the initial 30 lbs in what seemed like no time, the last 20 that I’m trying to work on have been like inchworms they’re leaving so slowly.

Part of it may have to do with moving in with someone, and adjusting my eating habits to another person. Part of it may have to do with this newfound freedom of looking good in clothes and feeling great despite not losing every week, because I am eating what I want (admittedly, what I want is often grilled chicken, veggies, salads, etc), and feeling sexy.  But the thing is, I know I can do better.  So here’s my addition:

I think I’m a microwave. A trusty dependable one that’s worked your whole life, only one day, it’s not working. And so your food’s not cooking at all, and you’re confused. Only the thing is, it’s going to end up being something stupid, like it’s not actually plugged into the wall socket.

All I need to do is find that damn plug, and plug back into my weight loss. That, I think, will give my system the jump-start it needs.

And, if you’re not sure, I have mixed feelings about microwaves.

Thanks for reading, I know it was text-heavy.

How about you?  Are you a microwave or a crock pot?

Are you trying to lose weight or are you happy where you are?

9 thoughts on “Microwaves vs. Crockpots: A Weight Watchers Metaphor

  1. I definitely started as a microwave and ended up a crockpot when I got down into the last 10 lbs area. At one point, I hit my goal weight, 135, and maintained it for 5 months or so. It took major tracking on my part and eventually I got burned out. At 5’9″, I didn’t really need to be at 135, but my frame is a little smaller for my height (I have no ass, sadface) so it’s not completely unrealistic. But, my body seems to be happy to stay in the 141-143 and I’m starting to be okay with that. Honestly, the poundage would become even less of a deal if I had one of those fancy, highly accurate body fat readers. I could give 2 craps about weighing in the 140s if I knew I was reducing my body fat% (which was close to 26 the last time I had it checked). From your beachy pics, you don’t even look like you have 20lbs to lose. :]

    • Ah, well I am DEFINITELY not looking to lose 20 lbs! I just meant the second 20 lbs after I lost the first 30 (for a 50 lb total loss!) I think if I lost 20 more lbs I’d look like a weird gangly twig girl. Not. Cute.

  2. I definitely think I’m a crockpot. I think at first it takes me a while to loose weight but I have a feeling (maybe a hope, ha) that once I get over a this hump its going to be good. I think this is a good analogy though. And I think it shows that you just gotta keep on keeping on. (Which I will do until I feel like I am at my happy weight!)

  3. I’m a crockpot fo’ sho. I think that has more to do with the fact my metabolism has changed now that I’m 29 (watch out for 25–that was the beginning of the end for “no consequences snacking” for me). I’m also not doing some crazy restrictive diet. I’m slowly making changes to my lifestyle, which means I’m slowly removing fat. I try to not be discouraged and remember that it doesn’t matter how fast I lose weight, just as long as I’m losing it! Tell your mama good luck and that if she’s really interested in losing weight quickly to read the Body For Life for Women book. It has a good section on how to juggle all the things us ladies tend to want/need to do and still take care of ourselves. I don’t follow B4L closely, but read the book for motivation 😉
    Also, dang girl, you look good! Not sure where those 20 lbs you want to lose are hiding! Keep looking for that plug, but know that you look fab right now.

    • Oh jeez, I guess the wording of that part is weird BUT I am DEFINITELY not looking to lose 20 lbs! I just meant the last 20 lbs after I lost the first 30 (for a 50 lb total loss since March 2010!) Me – 20 more pounds = weird looking gangle girl. Whew.

      I’d have to throw that over to my mom for a little new perspective, thanks for the rec!!

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  5. This is an interesting analogy… I think I might be a waffle maker though. I turned on once, made a waffle out of myself, and then shut off. I was really tired of the college lbs. so spent a year getting all that ISH out of the way and now it just is what it is. Hopefully salads and spicy turkey mixes (p.s. what is that?) keep sounding delicious because my waffle iron is in storage.

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