Baby’s Day Out: Grown Woman Edition

Happy Friday night!!  I hope everyone’s weekend is getting started off right!!

I took the second half of today off from work as my shark week was getting the best of me, and I needed some R&R.  After getting some nutrients in my body and laying on the couch for about 2 hours, I was getting a little stir crazy.  It was time for an adventure.

Remember that film, Baby’s Day Out?

Baby Bink!

Well, basically, Baby Bink flies the coop and experiences some crazy baby shenanigans in the big city.  My day was exactly like that.  Minus the crooks and the gorilla and the city. And I’m not a baby so I can drive, not just crawl around.  Other than that…. the same.

First up, Old Navy.  I knew that today and tomorrow, all their swimwear left was only $4.  Alas, the pickins were slim (as in…. hideous pieces that it’s no wonder no one picked them up.)  I started to venture in the direction of the clearance section but, considering I was still feeling a little under the weather, the mere sight of the clearance rack chaos was overwhelming.

UGH, too much work.

Sometimes, I’m fully in the mood for sale hunting. Today was not one of those times.

Up next, I figured I’d swing by whole foods to take advantage of their one day sale on salmon. When I got there, I was promptly told that they were fresh out. AGHHHHHHHHH!

What frustrated me the most was not that they were all out (they’d sold over 600 lbs before 3pm!) but that there was no indication whatsoever.  In fact, they still had their sign up advertising it, which was rude and forced all of us customers, with hope gleaming in our salmon loving eyes, to feel embarrassed as we, one by one, had to ask and be DE-NIED!


In hopes of making the day not a full bust, I went to the one spot that I was sure I would score: Trader Joe’s.  Thanks to an earlier tweet and all the responses from the tweeps, I came home a victor!

Hooty hooooo!

Wine, light kettle corn, whole wheat pizza dough, sweet potato fries, frozen mahi mahi, carrots, Indian foods, light brie (meh, not all it’s cracked up to brie. LOL! GET IT?!) Flax seed tortilla chips (spicy), salsa, pizza suace, soy crackers, seaweed snacks, and a pepper.

I completed my day out with a brief (but HARDCORE) workout for the new release of BodyAttack.  It was AMAZING but I’ll wait to do a full review until I get an actual full class (this was missing 2 tracks).

Not too shabby.

The last track shot my HR up to 187, which I haven’t seen since maybe the last time I did a spin class.  Clearly, she had us working.

Now this Baby Bink is off to watch a movie with a friend and make a pizza.  Perfect evening.

What are you doing this weekend?

What would you do on your perfect day out, alone?

7 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out: Grown Woman Edition

  1. Trader Joe’s FTW! I’m craving some chips n salsa, and those spicy flax tortilla chips sound soooooooo good.

    Glad you took a half day today! My carpool wanted to leave 30 minutes early and that was my best news all day. The perfect day out would definitely involve roaming the aisles of Target…. and laying by the pool, napping. 🙂

  2. I am def with you- some days sale racks are exciting, other days they are terrifying- it all depends on your mood…

    My perfect day alone involves successful thrift store shopping, Alice’s Tea Cup (one of my fav spots in NYC), swimming in a lake (not found in NYC) and finishing an entire book. OH. YEAH.

    • Isn’t it funny how different days out are when they’re spent alone? I think my dream day alone would involve the farmer’s market, sunshine at the beach (with finishing a whole book in there) and some fantastic movie that blatantly targets women as the main viewers with a pick-six pack of some fantastic beers. that’s just a dream come true.

  3. I was just talking about that movie the other night! I freaking love it!

    When a store I like has a sale, I generally go planning on “scoring a sweet deal” and then leave buying every single thing that wasn’t marked down. Oops.

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