The Durham Farmer’s Market: My favorite Saturday morning pasttime

Hello friends!!

It’s an absolutely stunning Saturday here in the Triangle.  The weather’s in the mid-90s, par for course here, but in a little while, I’ll head to the pool to cool off.  This morning, though, was a nice and breezy day at the Durham Farmer’s Market.  I’ve written about it before, or at least about my haul, but I feel as though I didn’t give justice to just how much I love it.

In the past few years of my life, I’ve become quite the early bird.  I’m always the first one awake after a long night, and (alas) the first one to fall asleep. It is my burden. However, on Saturday mornings, before the beau wakes up and before the sun heats the world to a sizzling sauna, it’s my own private little gift.

I woke up at nine, stopped briefly at the bank to deposit a check and take out some cash (as most of the vendors prefer or only accept cash) and head to downtown Durham. I’ve been spending much more time there lately, visits to Fullsteam and restaurants in the area like Bull City Burger and it’s finally starting to feel like my city.

Today, when I arrived, the first thing I spotted was a welcome mini food truck rodeo.

Pie Pushers Truck, snapped with Instagram

There was also a Kettle Corn truck and a truck that featured chicken and waffles. As tempting as the intoxicating scents of the Breakfast Pizza and sugary kernels were, I had tunnel vision. I was on a mission and that mission was produce.  The options seemed endless.

A rainbow of options!

Though I initially came in with no exact plan on buying anything, as I visited more vendors, an idea of what I needed came to me.

I had plenty of basil and spinach, no need for more greens.

As much as I wanted everything from the Chapel Hill Creamery, it wasn't in the cards today.

EUREKA! That's the ticket!

As soon as I saw the vibrant purple eggplant and all the different pepper options, I knew those were all that I wanted! I’ll admit, it was very difficult to resist the other tasty treats on the menu.

Oh, baked goods, I want each and every one of you in/around my mouth.

I'll admit, it's not very hard to resist meat sticks... but that's just me.

Resisting the baked goods from Scratch Bakery is always an uphill battle.... Sometimes I don't win it. But it's the most delicious loss possible!

The Durham Farmer’s Market also occasionally has Chefs from local restaurants and shops come in to sample some of their goodies!

Today's chef was from the Pomegranate Kitchen

I tried a bit of the split pea soup, but it definitely wasn’t for me. Not enough flavor, but very fresh tasting.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for the underdogs of the farmer’s market.

Aw, they're beautiful on the inside.

I just can't say no to them!!

I grabbed two of these peaches, and made one into some peach pancakes for Pancake Saturday.

The Durham Farmer’s Market just starts my weekend off in the best possible way.  And I always get a look at the cutest little socially conscious kids!

She'll probably move to Carrboro when she turns 18.

I know I tease the Carrboro and Durham hippy kids a lot (and have ever since I went to UNC) but deep down inside, I love em, and am thankful that they exist so that I can keep visiting spots like the DFM.

My bag o' veggies! aka the good stuff.

Now, it’s a very welcome pool time.

Do you ever go to the Farmer’s market?  If so, what do you get?


4 thoughts on “The Durham Farmer’s Market: My favorite Saturday morning pasttime

  1. I went to the State Farmer’s Market yesterday in Raleigh! I got half a bushel of peaches (I’m obsessed) an orange Watermelon, some onions and some amazing heirloom tomatoes. I love the farmer’s market even though it was a wee bit hot yesterday.

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