Six Pack Sunday: Leftover Wedding Bits

Hey all!

I know I’ve been off my Six Pack Sunday game for a little while, there’s been tons of traveling and very little time to sum up the bits and pieces of my life a la previous Six Pack Sundays.  But this past weekend, with the wedding, there were a bunch of little pieces that were hilarious and I wanted to share but didn’t fit into the primping and pictures sections.

So now I present:

Six Pack Sunday, the Leftover Wedding Bits!

  1. Body Builder’s Booty Blunder

    So, unbeknownst to the wedding planners, I’m sure, there was a huge body building competition happening at the hotel we were staying at.  Everywhere we looked, there were giant, bronzed, muscular men and women rubbing oil on their bodies and practicing poses in the lobby bathroom.  The best, though, was when I was in the fitness room early Saturday morning (since I’m an early bird and all.) As the muscled men and women filed into the small fitness room, clearly disappointed with the lack of weights over 80 lbs, one of them hopped onto the treadmill and that’s when I saw it.

    White shorts + self tanner = the appearance of poop. It's simple math, people.

    It was too funny to not creep a stealthy picture. He probably ended up winning the competition, but also won my heart with that sexy poop stains.

  2. West Virginia: Classiest state ever?

    On our drive to Pittsburgh, we stopped at a gas station in West Virginia for some gas and to relieve my tiny bladder.  While inside, I spotted this little gem:

    At least they're owning it.

    As much as it pained me, I left without buying it.  Ah, the one that got away…..

  3. Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

    Sometimes, when I see rogue bottles of champagne left by the folks at Izzazzu that are going to be thrown away…. I just can’t help myself.

    Yup, snagged that from the table after it was orphaned by the other bridal party... Very sneaky, sir.


  4. Steam Ghost

    There may or may not have been a ghost in the steam room.

    Casper? Is that you?

    Whatever it was, it definitely led to a very sweaty Jordan.  But that also may be contributed to the 40 minutes of cardio earlier.

    Cute, right?

  5. Ketchup is for lovers.

    Aren’t these wedding favors just the cutest?

    Heinz baby!

    Alas, for me, that entire bottle is probably one burger’s worth of ketchup, so I’ll have to save it for a special occasion. Or a special burger.

  6. Elliptical… of the future!

    Anyone ever workout on one of these?


    On it, you could track your distance as a 5K, on a mountain, around a track, or watch tv! It was the most hi-tech piece of cardio equipment I’ve ever worked with, and I imagine that, in the future, ellipticals will eventually give you back massages, do your laundry, and compliment your outfits as well.  In the meantime, though, this will have to do.

Enjoy your Sunday, ladies and gents, and I promise, this is the last wedding post!! Before you know it, I’ll be posting crazy things like beer reviews, workouts, and food again… Sounds nuts, right?

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