Secret Hoarding: Office Edition

Good evening, all! Normally, I’d just be turning off my HRM from a sweaty BodyCombat class….  That’s my preferred Monday exercise of choice.  Today, alas, I’m on call and BodyPump is really the only fitness class I can take with my phone on hand (translation: the only class that I’m not so drenched in sweat as I kick, punch, or zumba my booty off with the music blasting in my ears where I can hear or see my phone.)  So I took today to run some errands… which was partially successful. The drive-thru ATM at the bank wasn’t accepting checks, but other than that, I:

  • Dropped a package off at UPS
  • Picked up some goodies at the store for a package
  • Packed that package!

I promise, the knife has nothing to do with this package.

Oooh, I also just recently got a package that I’m pretty stoked for….

Oooh, what's that?

More about that at another time. The real topic of the day is something that I just learned about myself.

I think I might be a secret hoarder (of snacks). A coworker gave me something to put in one of my drawers, and that’s when it hit me.

Triscuits Thin Crisps in Quattro Formaggio (deadly addictive, never ever get them) and Odwalla Protein Bars

In our next shelf?

Adora Calcium Disks in Dark Chocolate

Across the office (i.e. over a desk that isn’t even my own:

Two of my cereals from Attune Foods! (Not pictured: my favorite Uncle Sam)

Need a mid-day pick-me up?

Trashy mags and Coke Zero!

Ok, I’ll admit, that last picture was staged. If I’m going to have soda, OBVIOUSLY I’d put it in the fridge (and truly, I am mandated by my job to have tons of media all around me, which actually means that sometimes… I make a workday out of perusing those trashy mags!)

I scatter my goodies throughout my office (didn’t even take a shot of my dried cranberries in the refrigerator or the gum in my purse).  That way, no matter what, if I forget a snack or lunch, I should be okay.  Often, I also keep a can of soup or sandwich thins in the drawers (but you caught me on an off day.)

I promise, I don’t hoard all my things like a thieving magpie (at least not regularly) but something about the amount of drawers and cabinets in my office just brings out the nester in me.  It’s like I’m ready for anything (as long as anything = a hunger pang… or a trip to the hair salon or the waiting room at the doctor.)  Now it’s time to use my hoard of goodies in the fridge and try to find something for dinner! The beau’s talking pork chops…. Let’s see how that goes.

Do you keep snacks at work or by your desk?  If so, which snacks?

16 thoughts on “Secret Hoarding: Office Edition

  1. I would love to keep my snacks at work, but I would EAT THEM ALL IN ONE DAY!!! Seriously. I have to portion out my snacks each morning and hope I don’t get too hungry in the morning to devour them all before lunch 🙂 I’m glad you’ve got much more restraint…even if you are a hoarder 😉

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  3. Oh my gosh I am the same way with snacks!!! I have a billion packets of squeeze peanut butter, in addition to an actual jar of almond butter because I have to have choices, right? Then I have pretzels, clif bars, whole grain crackers, some other random granola bars and chocolate animal crackers. Sounds pretty random but I can definitely assemble a nice little lunch out of these…
    We also have a fridge right in our classroom and I always have yogurt and seltzer just in case i NEED it. haha i loved this post!

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  5. I’m not sure if I’m a hoarder but a quick survey of my work area will reveal the following items on my desk: A Sparkling water, A low calorie Gatorade, vitamins, Mouthwash, a mug that our boss got us for Christmas, Red Bull Cola, Axe (the body spray that makes Researchers smell absolutely wonderful), as well as a Bible I’ve never opened and a netbook laptop that stopped working months ago. I also discovered that for some reason I have copies of Microsoft Office 2000, 2007 and 2010. Wait…are you serious? I just found a Yoga DVD that I’ve been looking for the last 3 weeks.

    Maybe it’s time I cleaned up around here.

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