Zum-bad to the Bone!

Hey hey y’all!

I’m feeling absolutely FAN-tastic after a killer workout at the gym. I was so stoked for today’s Zumba class because my favorite instructor was back from summer “break” (aka her son or daughter was on a swim team during the EXACT time of my Tuesday zumba classes.) I love her because she just jumps right into things, stays high energy the whole time, and mixes up the music.  In fact, today we did an awesome track to, of all things, a country song!

It involved a lotta belt buckle holding, and a lotta kicks but, most importantly, a lotta shaking it. I get the feeling that my instructor might be a little bit of a country girl herself… There’s a twang in her voice and she held onto that “belt buckle” a little too well to not be….

In fact, she kind of reminds me of some sort of hybrid between:

Kristin Chenoweth's looks and Southern cuteness

Erin Heatherton's shaped (yet still feminine) abs

Beyonce's Bootylicious moves!

It’s truly the perfect storm of Zumba. Her abs are so toned that it makes you wanna do any of the moves she does in hopes to get em, and her moves are so fun you forget when you even started.

Oh, did I mention it’s a killer workout?

756 sexy calories burned

She also tossed in an arms-only track to Justin Timberlake’s “Carry Out” that left my arms shakey.

After having not exercised in two days (and one of them was mostly spent feeling sorry for myself), it was so crucial to get right back into it.  I feel like a new woman. Only sweatier.

I guess it’d only make sense to shower, really complete the process of “new woman”ification.

Do you Zumba?

I Zumba on the reg, but honestly I tend to use it as a “gimme” workout… except with this instructor.  And even though I have a super cute Zumba shirt, I’m not a zumba-holic…. but I saw one girl today wearing a Zumba tank top, a Zumba skirt, and Zumba SHOES!

Ready to take it to the next level? ZUMBA SHOES!

In case you’re in the market for these bad boys, check out McCarley Fitness aka the first website I found that offers them.

Do you have special outfits you wear for particular workouts?

I’d never wear my Zumba shirt to a BodyPump.  Faux pas, I think.


23 thoughts on “Zum-bad to the Bone!

  1. No special outfits for me. Same old tank tops and shorts I lay around at night in. 🙂 Otherwise too much laundry, LOL. You have such a cute blog by the way!

  2. I haven’t tried Zumba. I somewhat want to but I can be quite uncoordinated. Don’t want to make a Zumba slip and knock someone out. Now that would be a faux pas.

  3. I’m still not exactly sure what Zumba is or if guys even do it. Do they? It sounds like it would be fun. Plus I would finally learn more dance moves besides my famous two-step.

  4. I definitely have certain shorts and shoes I only use for running, and I don’t wear my yoga tanks for anything else. I have yet to jump on the Zumba wagon mostly because my gym doesn’t have classes, and I am awkward when it comes to following sequential dance steps in a group setting. 😀 Glad it was a good time!

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