The Wrong Side of the Bed

Good evening friends! You made it through Tuesday, congratulations!  I made it too, but barely!

See, the thing is…. this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

This was my bed setup my Junior year of college.... Neon room? Heck yes. Half consumed bottle of Riesling on the desk? Duh.

See, I didn’t get to sleep until late last night, my own fault, I know. But when I woke up extra early this morning…. I was really off my game.  The result? A grouchy girl.


Every single thing seemed to annoy me.

Forgot cheese for my salad? Anger.

My emails at work coming in slow? Fury.

This driver’s park job?


Rage blackout.

I knew it was a problem when not even my perfect salad from lunchtime was making me feel better.  So I took matters into my own hands, and spent the rest of the day trying to do all my favorite things that make me happy.

I dropped some packages off at the post office which, coincidentally, was right next to my favorite frozen yogurt spot, Tutti Frutti.  I mean, no harm in stopping by, seeing how long the line was, right?

Completely. Totally. Empty.

Well, at that point, what option did I have, really?

My little day-changer!

Yup.  A mini-cup (about $2.30 worth of froyo) did the trick.  And then, after work, my favorite zumba class and instructor!  It was killer, sweat pouring all over.

And an ab track thrown in at the end! Well-rounded, she definitely is.

And then, for dinner, my favorite method of cooking fish:

Blackened Cod, complete with Cajun Seasoning!

I used a buttload of the McCormick Perfect Pinch Cajun Seasoning which I’ve been putting on everything lately. It has cayenne, thyme, garlic, salt, and paprika in it all in one dash! I paired my piece with half a bag of steamed broccoli and cauliflower and Ry and I split a few fancy beers he got in a birthday pack.  None really worth noting, though, but I’m sure I’ll find one soon to write about in a review.

Basically, after watching an episode of Alphas (my newest favorite Sy Fy show) and splitting some Haribo gummy bears for dessert, I’m feeling a lot better.  In fact, I might even hit the hay early tonight…. but I’ll make sure I get to sleep on the right side (which, for me, happens to be the left side of the bed.)

What do you do when you’re having a lousy day to get your spirits back up?

How do you sleep in bed? On your side? On your stomach? On which side of the bed?

15 thoughts on “The Wrong Side of the Bed

  1. Scott loved your anger sequence and said, “what moron parks like that?” Haha. When I’m feeling crummy I like to put on some of my favorite music and dance around like a dorko. 😉

  2. i hate when days go wrong from the start. that usually happens to me when im not comfortable in my outfit…weird i know

    i always sleep on the right side of the bed, no matter what bed im in. and i always sleep on my left side/stomach with my right leg tucked all the way up. pretty specific I KNOW haha

  3. Frostys tend to help improve my mood! I am a stomach sleeper but had a “wrong side of the bed” thing going on this morning since the FIRE ALARMS went off in my building (one goes off, they all go off) and did I mention that it was 3 am?! UGH

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  5. I woke up on the VERY wrong side of the bed on Tuesday as well… i wasn’t kidding when i referenced an erupting geyser – it was bad! Good thing you had fro yo as a pick-me-up. I used bowls of cereal + The Food Network

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