Healthy Living Summit Weekend: The Eats

As well received as my Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party recap was, I decided to hold off on a recap of day two until I have time to fully devote myself to a complete writeup of the Saturday sessions.  However, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on everything.  And who doesn’t like food posts?

Before my trip, I wanted to enjoy a tasty little treat, so I whipped up my traditional pre-flight beer and snack!!

Weyerbacher Hops Infusion? Don't mind if I do.

Turkey and Cheese and Lettuce on a sandwich thin! Beer! Carrots! The best.

I also did my best to eat the rest of the spinach before I left.

I felt like a straight bunny, nibbling on leaves. But it got the job done.

At the home of Ali, we whipped out all the stops (aka the baked goods):

I promise, we didn't eat all of this. Some. Most. but not all.

Let’s just say that it was a bit of a smorgasbord.

Wawa: The stuff my dreams are made of...

For dinner:

  • Wawa Shorti with Roast beef, cheddar cheese, light on the mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, salt, pepper, oregano. I always get this when I go to Wawa. It is like a second nature, entering it on the touchpad.
  • Wawa Diet Raspberry Iced Tea

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why there is no raspberry iced tea, diet or otherwise, to be found in North Carolina? I can’t even get the Snapple kind…. If you know where to get some, PLEAES email, call, text, or tweet me. ASAP. This is not a joking kind of request. This is so heartfelt I feel it deep in my heart.

The highlights of the cocktail party food were already shown, minus one: Philly Cheesesteak Empanadas. I didn’t take pictures of these, because I was shoving them down my gullet. Imagine a philly cheesesteak. then fry it.

You get the idea.

Breakfast in the morning was sponsored by Attune Foods, and featured mostly a wide array of their cereals, fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, and yogurt.

Pineapple. Cereal. I forgot how delicious real milk was, especially from Lehigh Valley.

Oh. A pluot. I had no idea what this was until I bit it.

I could’ve eaten the lunch for days.

Roasted veggie sammy, caprese salad sammy, cous cous and chickpeas, and Perrier. Oh, you fancy.

GIANT ups to Great Harvest bread. Which filled my belly totally and heartily.  The mozzarella was so creamy, and the onions in the cous cous…. ooh, girl.

Snacktime was not really my favorite, but I partook because who don’t want no free foods?

Cinnamon raisin nut butter = the poo. So take a big whiff. The hummus was a little watery for my liking... oh well.

To be honest, though, there was a much more important meal waiting for me at home, after the summit. Something I’d been seeking out since I arrived in Philly.  The holy grail of Philly cuisine.

We belong together.

I went a little off the beaten path with the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak and was rewarded handsomely with spicy, cheese, chickeny goodness.  Something about the rolls up North, they just know how to do it right.  And, even though it wasn’t in empanada format, it was at least as (if not much, much more) delicious.

What’d you eat this weekend that was delicious? 

Do you have any favorite foods/drinks from growing up that you can’t get now wherever you live (due to a move or [gasp!!] someone stopped producing them?)

8 thoughts on “Healthy Living Summit Weekend: The Eats

  1. Siiigh I love catching up on your blog!

    The eats at HLS looked pretty good (esp the cinnamon raisin nut butter!)… a lot of folks seemed to go to that reading terminal place for other meals, I’m glad you were able to eat true Philly food – cheesesteak and Wawa (still trying to figure out what that is, I’m guessing a mix between Sonic and Quiznos??)

    Favorite eats this weekend: grilled pizzas!! and then Kyle suckered me into fro yo HAHA yeah right, he just asks me to be nice so that I don’t have to ask him every.single.time dinner’s over.

    Fave food I can’t get anymore: TOASTED RAVIOLIS FROM SORRENTOS!!!!!! My family would go to Sorrentos, a tiny Italian place near the grocery store, about once a week and everytime I ordered the toasted raviolis. Then Sorrentos closed. And I cried….. nobody makes toasted ravs as good as Sorrentos. Actually, I just bought raviolis to bread + bake to replicate them, and I came home and my mom had eaten all of them! Erg.

    • I could eat at RTM probably every day for a month without even breaking the surface of what I’d wanna eat. So many tasty treats. So little time.

      I can’t wait until I get suckered into FroYo again. I’m hoping sooner rather than later. Just once before Ryan leaves!!

  2. I’ve been eating lots of lame dorm snacks this past weekend… but I guess my favorite has been homemade zucchini salsa and pretzels! The salsa has zucchini, yellow squash, corn, black beans, onion, tomatoes, and mango…. = awesome.

    – Nicole

  3. I just googled how far away a WaWa is from me. Not too far. Might head there for lunch before I leave! Haven’t had it in years and it is so good if I recall!

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