8 thoughts on “Vanity: Thy Name is Birthday

  1. Happy birthday!!! What is making me joyful is the fact that you and my sister both share a birthday! Woo! Have an awesome rest of the day, lovely! 😎

  2. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have fun celebrating 🙂

    My joy is playing volleyball tonight (something I’ve missed out on all summer). I’m a total space cadet after 4 minutes in play, so hopefully I can focus so that my friends don’t “forget” to invite me next week haha

    p.s. I LOVE Sam Edelman and I’m sure you’re rockin those spiked sandals!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!! You can definitely be like Lauren and declare this month “My Birthday Month”

    Get all the attention you can because it’s your special day!!

    What’s making me joyful is the fact that I only have class from 11 AM – 2 PM 🙂

    – Nicole

  4. Hahahahaha I love that you’re not the stereotypical healthy living blogger either when it comes to nut butter and cereal, good – but not life changing 🙂 HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And I love that Pauly D made it into the presentation, it IS JERSDAY after all! Time to fist pump…

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