Gems from Men’s Health

TGIF hasn’t meant as much to me as maybe it does today.

In a few hours, I’ll be picking my buddy, Claireb, from the airport.

Later in the night, my[fraternity] brother from another mother, Eric, will be pulling into Chapel Hill.

And, with the addition of my pal Kinsley, UNC’s Homecoming Weekend can truly begin.

And, to celebrate my excitement, in a completely unrelated manner, I’d like to share with you…. some pearls of wisdom from Men’s Health.  Ryan forgot to have his subscription changed to his new address, so now we all get to reap the rewards.

I know, worst segue ever, right? But honestly, I’ve been wanting to share this for a hot second. And I’ve wanted to share pictures of my sexy friends, so it all works out.


First of all, Stephen King is really weird looking.

But, more importantly, of his ten favorite 1,000+ page books, I have read: ZERO!

Gotta up my game, I’ve been meaning to check out Infinite Jest for a while now.  But, with the push from Mr. King, I may just have to make that move and buy it! (or borrow it…. anyone wanna lend me over 1,000 pages?)

Good to know

Were you aware that 41% of household surfaces are contaminated with rhinoviruses when an inhabitant has a cold?

With cold season in FULL gear, if that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy about a million Lysol wipes, I don’t know what will. (PS, I love Lysol wipes and use them for a huge percent of my cleaning activities.)

(Is that a real thing?  A “cleaning activity”? Sounds so lame.)

Everyone in my office has been picking up sickness lately, so I’m gonna be doing extra wipes for safety (and for a sweet citrusy smell).

Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet!

This one’s a little tougher to read BUT I really loved it. It compares the best and worst “Thanksgiving sides” by nutritional value. The worst? Stuffing with sausage.

Luckily, this is my very favorite. Perfect.

Maybe I’ll just try to stick with their “best” bets: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Fresh Cranberry Sauce.

I’ll assume that since my true love, sweet potato casserole, didn’t make the list, I’ll just have to eat a bowl the size of my head as it’s clearly gotta be a nutritional power-house.


Watch out, ladies

Also, folks, just a warning to lock up your daughters this weekend.

After reading this article, I can safely say that I will be able to date any and every woman imaginable.

Let me know if you need any tips.

Real talk, though: I LOVE reading Men’s Health (thanks Ryan for forgetting to change it!) The articles are well-written and relevant to every day life, they promote healthy living without anything extreme looking like cleanses or “bridal groom bootcamp” (at least, that I’ve read so far), and 90% of the time, I end up finding something in the magazine that truly makes me laugh out loud (or LOL, for the 1337s out there).

Makes me think that, if I love that magazine so much, maybe I’d be a huge fan of Dr. Pepper Ten.  We’ll see.

Anything making you TGIF today?

What’s your FAVORITE magazine? 

I’m always looking for new ones to read.

6 thoughts on “Gems from Men’s Health

  1. yo girl, i’ll lend you Infinite Jest. I had a really intense David Foster Wallace stage. Happy Halloween Weekend! have fun tonight!!!!!

  2. Stephen King is weird looking. Men’s health has some pretty interesting stats in there and like you said it is well written. Hope you get more issues before Ryan notices.

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