Luchadoras Attack Durham

I know, the title of this post is a bit misleading. I mentioned it in this week’s Six Pack Sunday so, if you read it, you already probably know that there weren’t actually droves of female masked wrestlers attacking innocent strangers on the mean streets of the Dirty D.

There were, however, some gorgeous masked ladies who invaded the ring at Motorco, one of Durham’s most unique and excellent venues. Serving quite a number of yummy beers, craft and otherwise, this music hall hosts everything from aerial performers to local bands to viewings of cult classics like The Big Lebowski. On Saturday, starting at noon, they went in a different route: Durham’s first Luchadoras extravaganza.  For $5, with all of the proceeds going toward grassroots food justice efforts in Durham, NC, how could I say no?

Going wild!

The folks of Durham came out en masse to cheer on these masked misses, and after grabbing two beers, Ryan and I joined the horde.  The first battle paired up two ladies , and the story was that one… maybe poisoned the friend of another…. who wanted to demask the first… for honor and shame?

I’ll be honest, the Legends behind the Luchadoras are complicated, dramatic, and crazy!! There’s so much intrigue and, considering most of the names were in another language, I struggled to keep up.

Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish.

After watching the villainess get demasked and shouting SHAAAAAMEEEE with my fellow enthusiasts, it was  time for a little audience participation.  The announcers, who were hype and hilarious (and struggled to not laugh at the whole shebang themselves), called for 4 female volunteers to come up to the stage.  There were a couple of quiet minutes as everyone looked at one another, wondering what it was for and why they needed these ladies?  Body painting? Date auction? Virgin sacrifice?

Of course, I waltzed up to the stage. How could I say no to one of those options?

Advance apologies for bad picture quality...

After placing the four women in the ring on each corner, they announced that we’d be battling it out for a handmade luchadoras mask of our very own!  At this point, the gloves came off. Well, in my case, the glasses did, as I handed them to a friendly stranger on the side for safe keeping.

God as my witness, I was going to get that mask.

Luckily, my three opponents were itty bitty women. I’d say none was taller than 5’6″, weighing no more than 130 lbs soaking wet. Realistically, they didn’t stand a chance.

As the mask dropped on the ring, our bodies hit the floor. I knew I had a quality grasp on the mask right when I touched it, but so did at least two other women. My strategy? Box them out with my body.  This involved (but was not limited to):

  • Rolling around
  • Trying to flip my butt on them
  • Jamming my shoulder into their body
  • Creating a body cocoon around the mask, forcing the women to get too close to me, feel awkward, and let go

I’m not sure which was the straw that broke the lucha’s back, but the last woman finally dropped and I was declared the winner.

WINNAH!! (Pictured with Juicy Booty)

To the victor goes the spoils: A killer luchadoras mask and pride that spans a lifetime.

Battle Scars

Also to the victor go the wounds: scratches on the neck, 3 nail digs on the knuckles, a really sore neck and TWO earrings yanked out.

We weren’t messing around.

I also must not forget the fact that I pretty much mooned the entire crowd. Since I wasn’t planning on battling for honor, I may have mistakenly rocked a pair of super low-rise skinny jeans which did a great job of sneaking below the crack quite a few times.

At least I was wearing cute undies?

Smack that booty!

These women were totally bad@ss. They were exciting, they were dramatic, and I’d be lucky to be in their ranks.  Which is why I gave the “scout” my card, in case he needs La Glamazon to come put some princesses in their places.

At least he knows I can take a beating.

Ever been in a physical fight?

How do you feel about professional wrestling?

Gems from Men’s Health

TGIF hasn’t meant as much to me as maybe it does today.

In a few hours, I’ll be picking my buddy, Claireb, from the airport.

Later in the night, my[fraternity] brother from another mother, Eric, will be pulling into Chapel Hill.

And, with the addition of my pal Kinsley, UNC’s Homecoming Weekend can truly begin.

And, to celebrate my excitement, in a completely unrelated manner, I’d like to share with you…. some pearls of wisdom from Men’s Health.  Ryan forgot to have his subscription changed to his new address, so now we all get to reap the rewards.

I know, worst segue ever, right? But honestly, I’ve been wanting to share this for a hot second. And I’ve wanted to share pictures of my sexy friends, so it all works out.


First of all, Stephen King is really weird looking.

But, more importantly, of his ten favorite 1,000+ page books, I have read: ZERO!

Gotta up my game, I’ve been meaning to check out Infinite Jest for a while now.  But, with the push from Mr. King, I may just have to make that move and buy it! (or borrow it…. anyone wanna lend me over 1,000 pages?)

Good to know

Were you aware that 41% of household surfaces are contaminated with rhinoviruses when an inhabitant has a cold?

With cold season in FULL gear, if that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy about a million Lysol wipes, I don’t know what will. (PS, I love Lysol wipes and use them for a huge percent of my cleaning activities.)

(Is that a real thing?  A “cleaning activity”? Sounds so lame.)

Everyone in my office has been picking up sickness lately, so I’m gonna be doing extra wipes for safety (and for a sweet citrusy smell).

Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet!

This one’s a little tougher to read BUT I really loved it. It compares the best and worst “Thanksgiving sides” by nutritional value. The worst? Stuffing with sausage.

Luckily, this is my very favorite. Perfect.

Maybe I’ll just try to stick with their “best” bets: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Fresh Cranberry Sauce.

I’ll assume that since my true love, sweet potato casserole, didn’t make the list, I’ll just have to eat a bowl the size of my head as it’s clearly gotta be a nutritional power-house.


Watch out, ladies

Also, folks, just a warning to lock up your daughters this weekend.

After reading this article, I can safely say that I will be able to date any and every woman imaginable.

Let me know if you need any tips.

Real talk, though: I LOVE reading Men’s Health (thanks Ryan for forgetting to change it!) The articles are well-written and relevant to every day life, they promote healthy living without anything extreme looking like cleanses or “bridal groom bootcamp” (at least, that I’ve read so far), and 90% of the time, I end up finding something in the magazine that truly makes me laugh out loud (or LOL, for the 1337s out there).

Makes me think that, if I love that magazine so much, maybe I’d be a huge fan of Dr. Pepper Ten.  We’ll see.

Anything making you TGIF today?

What’s your FAVORITE magazine? 

I’m always looking for new ones to read.

Poor Duckies

Ok, I’ll admit, tonight is based entirely on sipping on some Riesling and watching Degrassi (click the link if you’re into watching high school kids get into the craziest hijinx of all).

But here’s the thing, I just watched this video. It broke my heart.

But then I laughed.

Because ducks are cute.

and they’re silly when they get blown away.

Hope you’re having THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!

In case you’re not sure what I’m doing tomorrow morning….. UNC FOOTBALL!!

Plans for the weekend?