Faux Pas? No, Pas.

The countdown is so fully ON.  Two days left of work, and I’m headed up North for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and all the fun in between. I’d like a Philly cheesesteak, a Capriotti’s Bobbie, and a TON of time with my family and beau. Until then, my mission to empty the fridge continues.  Today’s project?

Fully loaded omelet.

Slathered in goodness

Today’s omelet got rid of a lot of bits and pieces from the produce drawer!

  • 2 egg whites, one yolk (only one egg left!)
  • Red onion (sauteed in EVOO)
  • The last of a bag of spinach
  • The last of a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Some Boar’s Head Pepperoni (my VERY favorite kind of pepperoni)
  • All sorts of Frank’s Red Hot

It was delicious, and the fridge is looking emptier by the second. I also gifted two of the fancy beers I’ve been saving for my hop-head coworker.  The gift of choice was the Thomas Creek Brewery’s “Up the Creek Extreme IPA”. I’ve actually tried this beer once before and, though I don’t have a picture, I do remember being surprised at how much I didn’t like it.  It’s 12.5% ABV, and (though the site claims otherwise), I couldn’t help but taste the booze, and be turned off by the overly-sweet taste. Someone online compared it to a barley wine and, though I wouldn’t ever confuse the two (it’s still too “beery”), I can definitely recognize the similarity.  I’d bought this beer for my coworker a few months ago, and was saving it for a special occasion. Thank goodness for the IPA-fiends in our lives….

In other news, as I mentioned via Twitter, today’s outfit was one of those times where I’m fully aware that I’m not a “fashion blogger.”  I feel like I’d heard that navy and black together are a big “no-no” in the fashion world. But, when I tried on today’s outfit, I felt adorable and twirly, so I just ran with it.

Minus the belt-slippage, cute, right?

I’ve been spinning around all day, and feel certain that, faux pas or not, it’s comfortable and cute.  Big thanks to my NYC correspondent, Lee, for confirming that it is not the biggest fashion mistake I could make.  And the slouchy boots are consistently the coolest accessory I own.

On today’s agenda:

  • Get accustomed to my new computer at work (Christmas came early at the office!)
  • Facilitate a support group
  • HOPEFULLY grab a drink with the infamous Sierra from Posh Meets Pavement, my IRL college buddy who blogs about her jet-setting lifestyle and staying fit in South Africa!
  • Wrap presents/pack like a maniac

Luckily, I heard the latter two are always better after a drink…

Do you disobey any “fashion rules”?

I’m notorious for giant flip flops all the time (especially the least appropriate times…. like weddings.)  The burden of my massive feet.

11 thoughts on “Faux Pas? No, Pas.

  1. Cute outfit! I’m wearing a brown top with black boots today intentionally, I know some people say black and brown together are a no-no, But I think it can be cute done right!

  2. I probably break fashion rules on a daily basis since I don’t dress up for work, hah. Get up with me on your schedule while you’re in PA! We need to grab a beer (or two). 🙂

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