Did You Know that Bees and Dogs Can Smell Fear?

So, at the end of every year, I hoard my vacation time in hopes for my grown-up version of winter break. And, since I was a grade-A hoarder this year, I’ve successfully collected enough to leave this Friday for over a week!  I’m incredibly excited for a long break without feeling like I’m packing to leave the moment I get settled in a new place.

With that long break looming, though, I have an important task to accomplish.

Daunting, eh?

I’ve gotta eat my way through the remainders of my fridge/freezer. Or at least the perishable foods.  No spinach left behind, and all that good stuff.  Considering the fact that about 40% of my fridge space is taken up by beer, I’m not actually too worried, but there’s still a reasonable amount of eating to do.

Enter the classic “Everything Pizza.” Tonight’s pie was just that, using a base of the tail end of a bag of pre-made whole wheat dough from Harris Teeter. The toppings was where it got really tasty, though:

I popped it in the oven at 425 for about 14-16 minutes, and VOILA!!

Molto bene!!

It was good to the last bite, and fancy-girl cameras always make it look even tastier.  As per, I covered the bad boy with oregano and crushed reds (in essence, probably obliterating any natural flavor from the pizza’s ingredients). Hey, tasty’s tasty, in my book.  I’ve still got a few eggs left, and some spinach to take care of, but it’s nothing a little omelet or two can’t handle.  Needless to say, I’m counting down the seconds to head up to Philly and maybe enjoy some everything bagels and a buffalo chicken cheesesteak (or two).

Since it’s Monday and a segue between pizza and the following subject is too tough, let’s just jump into it: Jonathan Lipnicki.

You might know him better as Ray Boyd from Jerry Maguire.

”]Wasn’t he just the cutest? Well, guess what he’s been doing in the past 15 years?

”]Apparently, sit-ups. And weight lifting. And getting tattoos.

At first, this made me feel old.

Then, I realized I love all those things too. And that Jonathan Lipnicki would probably give me a sexy side-eye if I were at the gym, especially since I’m 3 years older than he is. What child star doesn’t love a successful older woman?

Oh, yeah. (click for source!)

Or older man for you, Chris.  Either way.

Do you have any favorite “clean out the fridge” recipes?

How about any famous child stars ALL GROWN UP?


15 thoughts on “Did You Know that Bees and Dogs Can Smell Fear?

  1. Possibly before your time– do you remember Keisha Knight-Pulliam? She played “Rudy”on the Cosby show, early to mid 1980’s. Cutest 5 year on the block. I recently saw a hip hop video and as is typical of that genre, she was posing half nude throughout. I didn’t even realize it was the same person but apparently puberty was very kind to her. She’s like Late 20’s now. That’s when I realized I was old.

  2. I use up leftovers in either salad or soup. That’s how I discovered that baked beans and mac n’ cheese on fresh spinach is AWESOME. It’s too bad beer’s not perishable, otherwise I’d offer to come over and help you finish it off…I’m generous like that 😉 Have a good week!

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