Six Pack Sunday: Santa Rampage 2011 in Durham


I am currently reminded why I no longer go out on the town every week (or 3-4x a week) a la college.  I’ll shoot you straight, though, if my morning tummy troubles are a result of even a fraction of the fun I had last night, it’s well worth it.

Today’s Six Pack Sunday is honor of my always-fantastic Santa Rampage experience.  This is actually my fourth year Running with the Santas and, whether it’s in a group of 50 or a group of four (last year, we were a Christmas Quad), it’s never NOT hilarious and excellent to don a Santa costume and spread Christmas cheer (and enjoy Christmas beer beers.)  It’s also a great reminder that theme parties don’t have to end at graduation.  I personally hope to continue throwing and attending theme parties well into my geriatric years.  Then again, an Anything But Clothes Party at the retirement home might not have the same appeal as it did in the fraternity house.

Moving on.

1. Just call me Santa Crocker

My Bag o' Treats!

Pictured with an ADORABLE (and incredibly thoughtful) card from Hannah, that’s a bag chock full of Coconut Snickerdoodles and Candied Christmas Cashews (and Almonds!)

It’s settled, I will be making these EVERY YEAR for the rampage.  The appreciation of fellow bar-goers for some tasty treats while they booze.  Even though bar snacks aren’t entirely coated in bacteria, I still very rarely see little bowls of nuts or wasabi peas out at establishments, and was blown away by how excited people were to get bags of cookies and nuts. And how trusting they were that I didn’t sneak razor blades or LSD into my goodies.

(I didn’t, for the record.)

2. Road Beer

Always classy

Road Beers: That beer that you have in the car after you parked but before you go out.

Does no one else do this?

Just me?

Oh, good.

3. I am obsessed with my new camera

Hi. You're Hot.

It’s a total game changer. And it’s so important for me to make my pictures of neon Pabst signs artsy.

4. It’s a Small Triangle After All…

One of these things is not like the other

I LOVE when you go out all dolled up and inevitably see someone you know (who is not dressed up like a Jolly Christmas icon). Then you get awesome pictures like this one.

5. Riding the Bull

That's one slippery bull

After a tricky mounting, I eventually made it on top of the infamous Durham Bull statue.

Yee haw!

As you can tell from the gorgeous pair of bells hanging from the neck, the bull was also in the Holiday spirit.

As you can tell from the other pair hanging on the bull, it’s a boy.

6. Only the Good Die Jung

Bahaha, we get it.

Freudian slips be damned, as a psychology major, Carl Jung puns are where it’s at.

My fellow psychology nerd pal, Melissa and I, had to get a picture with this Jung-loving bartender.

Quality evening, all around. I’m off to gather up the courage to hit the gym (or nibble on leftover cashews…)

9 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Santa Rampage 2011 in Durham

  1. We missed 50….as predicted, Forest is a total cool hipster with a nomadic lifestyle that I love. Is Chapel Hill empty? I am hitting up Ye Old when I get there for eggs and grits. Santa’s bag of treats is classic. You should have bags of coal for assholes your encounter

    • I’d like to get a better grip on the snickerdoodles before I post a “recipe”, but the cashews are literally idiot-proof. Not that you’re an idiot, just saying you could be on painkillers and still make em, no sweat.

      In case you were planning any painkiller baking.

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